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Pete Carmichael Previews Offense

Saints Offensive Coordinator says new guard Ben Grubbs is "everything we look for in a player here"


New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael
Media Availability
Friday, July 27, 2012

Adrian Arrington has been in the wide receivers position group battle for a long time, and now with Robert Meachem gone this could be his chance to step in.  Is the wide receiver position battle crowded now more than ever?
"I think right now that's a spot we feel pretty good about with the depth we have.  We have a lot of young guys competing.  Adrian had a heck of a day today.  He's had a heck of two days.  When it comes down to it and we decide the 53-man roster, some of these guys are going to have to contribute in other roles as well like special teams.  But he really had a great day today."

As far as being a receiver, what more does Adrian Arrington have to do?  Is it about putting together more consistent good days?
"I think he's done everything we've asked him to do since he's been here.  It's just been crowded at that spot."

Do you think Adrian Arrington understands the opportunities he has right now at the wide receiver spot?
"Absolutely.  He's a professional.  He's been a professional since the day that he got here."

Adrian Arrington said it's at the point where the game is slowing down and it's just going out and reacting out there.  Do you see that when you're watching the film?
"I think he's always been a very sharp kid.  I've never known for the last couple of years for him to slow down because he learns as he goes.  He's a sharp guy.  He can play a couple of different positions.  I really think this training camp is going to be really important for him and for all the receivers, but really had a good day."

How much has your job changed since you've been here without Sean Payton?
"He's obviously significantly missed.  As far as what's been happening up to this point, not much."

What has Michael Higgins done over the offseason and the first couple of days that has made him stand out a little bit more?
"He was in the system last year.  Now he's here, he knows the offense, he's a sharp kid as well.  I think he has a little bit of a uniqueness at that position that we feel like we can be a pass receiving tight end as well as a blocking tight end.  We're going to get the pads on here starting tomorrow, so that will something important to is to see him in the pads.  But he's really shined as a route runner as well."

Is it also kind of an opportunity for Michael Higgins to prove himself in training camp?
"I think last year he was still in our mind developing.  He's put on some weight.  He's gotten bigger, stronger and faster.  This is in between his rookie here where he was just kind of getting a feel for the system, but this is his time."

Can you talk about how some of the younger guys are looking, specifically Travaris Cadet and Nick Toon?
"I think Toon and Cadet have heard these plays before.  They've been here.  Now, it's just an opportunity for them to go out and go full speed.  Both of those guys have stood out, particularly Cadet in the pass game.  That will be something we'll see once the pads are on again tomorrow.  We'll see where he stands out as far as running the ball, but he's really shown some skills in the pass game.  Toon, I've said this back in the spring, he's a great route runner, has real good hands and is sharp."

Are you seeing any difference in Mark Ingram now that he's one hundred percent healthy?
"He's always been a tough, physical runner.  It's nice to have him healthy.  I think if you go back and look at the film last year, he really played well for us last year.  He really did.  When you go back and look at it and study it, he played really well."

*Based on the reps so far, it looks like Pierre Thomas is kind of getting the first crack at the running back position on offense. *
"It's kind of unique for us with all the guys we have at that spot in that some of them have different roles for us.  You might say that one of them is a starter, but I think all four of them have a role on this team."

Jake Byrne, a rookie tight end out of Wisconsin, how has he been looking so far this year?
"He was brought in here primarily as a blocking tight end.  For him to shine, it's going to be when the pads are on where he can show us that he can man up and take these defensive ends on."

How is Ben Grubbs fitting in so far with the offensive line?
"Great.  He's a great person, a great personality, he's everything we look for in a player here, and he hasn't missed a beat.  He's sharp.  He's a veteran.  It might be different terminology, but he has the experience."

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