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Payton Talks About First Oxnard Practice

Coach updates the injury report and talks about what he saw on film from the Texans game


New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton's Post-Practice Press Conference 8/22/11

Opening statement…

"Two players still remain on the failed physical list – RB Chris Ivory and DE Greg Romeus. Guys that did not practice due to injury – LB Ezra Butler (left hamstring), DT Tom Johnson (left calf), CB Johnny Patrick (right knee), DE Jeff Charleston (left ankle), CB Fabian Washington (right hamstring), LB Will Herring (right calf), that was from the game and we think it will be a couple days with him. Also, RB Chris Taylor (right ankle) and DT Aubrayo Franklin (left knee). It's an MCL sprain (for Franklin) and we are a little guarded but we are still optimistic it will be 2-3 weeks for him depending on the rehab. Two players went in for an exam during practice – G Carl Nicks (left knee) and WR Jarred Fayson (right knee)."

What do you think the team can accomplish here that they couldn't in Metairie?

"The logistical trick in Metairie is that we didn't have the availability of the hotel we were in with the same setup. Secondly, we just practiced for a little bit over two and half hours and got almost another 25 percent done because of the weather. You just find yourself taking less water breaks. You guys (media) watch and are use to the amount of times you have to break when it is 100, 95 or 85 degrees – it's just different. From a timing standpoint, this provided a week where the climate was different and it also provided a week where we had the facility, hotel and practice fields. This is really an additional week (of training camp.)"

How different was the weather?

"I don't ever remember Mr. (Tom) Benson in a jacket at practice so today was a first. That was good."

What did you see on the Texans game film?

"When you put the tape on it always kind of brings you back to the middle. Certainly there are some things we are disappointed in that we are going to address and work to correct this week. There were some things that we good. In the kicking game, we still are doing a good job in some detailed areas. Some guys are showing up specifically. I thought early on we did some good things running the football.

"Today was a day that the whole morning was spent on that tape addressing the little things like technique and alignment errors. The turnovers offensively and some of the things in the kicking game that we feel like we could improve in. There is a lot to correct off of that film. I thought we got good work at it in the morning and came out here and covered some things that we felt like we needed to address."

Can you talk about the defensive tackle depth?

"We just have to be careful about our reps in practice. Instead of three sets of five having 15 plays we might be working two sets of five for 10 total plays with the second wave. As quickly as we can get Tom (Johnson) and Aubrayo (Franklin) back that will give us more depth. In the meantime, we just have to be able to handle it. It's one of the things that typically come up in camp but we just don't know the position."

Can you talk about the fullback competition?

"It has been an ongoing competition. Both Jed (Collins) and Korey (Hall) played well on Saturday. I thought they both blocked well in the running game. Korey was really good in the kicking game. That's a good competition going right there with those two players and both of them are having a good camp.

"We felt like it was going to be Jed and another player competing. I think as the season went on last year and as he was on the practice squad, he did some real good things against our defense. We began to see someone who was physical and that was encouraging. That has continued. His growth has been right in front of us and he has done well."

What do you like about the setup here?

"No. 1, it has been battled tested a little bit with Oakland coming here for a number years and Dallas was here. What that allows is all the people that are involved in putting something like this together have experience in training camp. They understand what it is like to bring a team in. They understand the security, the access and setting up meeting rooms. Throughout the years, there are little things that teams want to change or improve. As you get to whatever year this is for Oxnard, a lot of those little things are ironed out. You have the climate and the people here are excited. Through reps and through experience they have experienced it pretty well.

"It allows us to still be in a teaching environment and we are still in a place where they can walk 50 yards to meetings, meals, practice, weight room and we can best manage our time. I think that is what this provides. The weather allows you to go longer. The practice we schedule today was two hours and 50 minutes which we would have normally not scheduled in Metairie just from a time standpoint. We finished 20 minutes ahead of schedule. I think you can just practice longer."

On how the people in Oxnard have treated them since they arrive...

"The people have been great here since we pulled in. The reception we have gotten, not only from the hotel but the city, has been positive. The timing for us was good from where we are as a team and with everything that happened this offseason it gives us more time to still be in a teaching mode before we break camp."

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