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Payton Previews Texans Contest

Coach announces a transaction and talks about who will sit out vs. the Texans.


New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Post-Practice Press Conference
Thursday, August 18, 2011

Opening Statement: We will start with one transaction today. We signed cornerback Quincy Butler, number 26 and placed Alex Barron on Injured Reserve. Chris Ivory and Greg Romeus still are on the failed physical list. The guys that did not practice today due to an injury, and I will try to give you my thoughts after each one of these players in regards to this upcoming game. This first group did not practice and will not play: Ezra Butler, Ramon Humber, Clint Ingram, Tom Johnson, Johnny Patrick, Jeff Charleston, and Fabian Washington with his hamstring. That group did not practice and will not play. Tory Humphrey did not practice. We will see where he's at tomorrow. He will be questionable. Leigh Torrence was the same way and will be questionable. Malcolm Jenkins will play. He was limited today but he is doing better. Tracy Porter was limited, but we won't play him in this game. That has been the plan all along. Jahri Evans did not practice but he will play in this game. Joique Bell will not play in this game, he was limited. Two players were excused with their wives having a baby: Chris Reis and Jonathan Casillas. Tomorrow will be just a brief walk-through and then we'll fly in the afternoon over to Houston.

Have you liked what you have seen from Nate Bussey?
Absolutely. The sum total of what he does in the kicking game will be critical in not only his evaluation, but players like him. He is doing well. He is active and he can run. Each day, he is getting better.

What is the rotation going to be against Houston? How long are the starters going to play?
From a snap count, somewhere between 20 and 25 plays. Hopefully close to 25 plays. That may or may not get us to the half, but somewhere in that range.

How important is to see progress from the offensive starters in this game?You want to see progress week-to-week. I think it is always important. You want to play well. You want to improve from the things you didn't do well the week before. It will be nothing different than the second week the last four or five years in preseason. I think they are going to have more playing time, number one, and get close to a half of football. Maybe just under that depending on the snaps.

Did you have a conversation with Monty Williams at practice today?

A couple times, it was pretty easy to see that there were four or five people over there at 6'7" or above. It's good to have them out, and it's good to see him. They are going through a similar situation to what we just went through which is ironic. They had a great year. I just worried that the hat (the Hornets gave him) didn't fit.

What are your thoughts on the supplemental draft?
You pay close attention to it. I know, this will be the sixth year, we have always kind of looked at it, evaluated the players, and then potentially had interest. I think you have to pay attention to it. I think each club will have a feeling as to their interest. I know it was pushed back, but we will do the same thing in regards to the draft-eligible guys that are available in that draft.

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