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Nuggets from Drew Brees' media tour on Thursday

Drew Brees did a number of interview in Arizona on Thursday

Drew Brees did a number of interviews in Arizona on Thursday leading up to Super Bowl XLIX, held at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale on Sunday.

Brees talked about the 2014 Saints season, his family, the Super Bowl, his favorite music and his relationship with Tom and Gayle Benson.

Below are some highlights from his interviews:

On his first daughter being born just before last season (On CBS This Morning)

"We have three boys – Baylen, Bowen and Callen – and now we have a baby girl, Rylen. She's five months old. She was born August 25. Literally she was born a week before the season. I really haven't had that much time with her. Now, I am taking full advantage with the offseason here. We are getting a lot of daddy-daughter time. I look at her and she makes my heart melt."

On the importance of still talking to the media after a tough loss (On CBS Radio's "Boomer & Carton")

"It is quite difficult to get in front a camera moments after a devastating loss. Maybe you really felt like you let one slip away and felt like you should have made this play or that play. It's difficult to do that, but you understand that it's part of your responsibility and (you want to) show your teammates that you are going to take accountability and that you are going to find a way to come back better because of this. You are going to continue to lead them through the successful times and some of the failures."

On what kind of music he likes to listen to (On ESPN Radio's "The Herd with Colin Cowherd")

"U2, Pearl Jam and Metallica. I am an 80's guy. I think I was born in the wrong generation (laughter)."

On if he will go to the Super Bowl on Sunday as a fan (On SportsCenter)

"I am actually considering going to this game. This is the first Super Bowl I have strongly considered going to. Normally, I think 'Out of the question. I am going to sit in my living room to watch it. I am a fan and I love the game but I am only going if I am playing in it' but this is a game I would love to see in person."

On his relationship with Tom and Gayle Benson (On Pro Football Talk Live)

"My relationship with Mr. Benson and his wife Gayle has been phenomenal. Ever since I got there, they have been so warm and welcoming. They are at just about every practice. They're so involved in the organization, so invested in the team and community. They are so well loved by our entire team. I know this – whatever structure they have in place, in regards to the succession plan, we trust. We trust him, the organization and his group that he has put together. We trust Gayle. I know that that will never change."

On what went wrong in 2014 for the Saints (On The Jim Rome Show)

"Bottom line, we need to get back to the elements that helped establish our program back when we all first got there in 2006. I think we have lost a little bit of that. That's in part because of the departure of a lot of guys that have been mainstays within our team for a very long time. There's always turnover from year to year and yet I feel we had the biggest amount of turnover last year in regards to some of the core players and leaders. We have talented young guys and yet I don't think we have done a good enough job of communicating exactly how we do things and how we are going to work. It's about getting back to building our organization and framework from the ground up again and make sure we are on the same page."

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees and New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. just set a Guinness World Record for most one-handed catches in one minute. Photos provided by ESPN.

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