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NFL to move extra point kicks to 15-yard line starting in 2015

Defense can now score on 2-point conversion turnovers

The NFL is moving back extra-point kicks and allowing defenses to score on 2-point conversion turnovers, the league announced at the Spring League Meeting in San Francisco on Tuesday.

The owners approved the competition committee's proposal to snap the ball from the 15-yard line on PATs to make them more challenging.

That proposal keeps 2-point conversion attempts at the 2, and allows the defense to return a turnover to the other end zone for the two points, similar to the college rule.

The approved rule was one of three proposals considered by owners on Tuesday.

The NFL's process for modifying or adopting rules and regulations is systematic and consensus-oriented. The process considers input from experts, clubs, players, league committees, the NFL Players Association and others. All proposals that the owners vote on must be approved by 75 percent (24) of the owners to be adopted.

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