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NFL to Allow Players to Tweet During Pro Bowl

Saints Pro Bowlers QB Drew Brees (@DrewBrees) and TE Jimmy Graham (@TheJimmyGraham) have Twitter accounts.


The NFL will allow players to tweet during the 2012 Pro Bowl, the league announced on Wednesday.

During preseason, regular season and playoff games, players are not allowed to tweet 90 minutes before games until they completed their postgame media obligations.

Participation by players is voluntary.       

All in-game tweeting must be done at the designated station (non-branded desktop computer) located on the north 20-yard line of each sideline.

Players may only tweet from the sidelines during commercial breaks or when their unit is not on the field.

Offensive players may tweet when their team's defense is on the field, etc.

Players should stay ready for a "sudden change" (e.g. INT, fumble, long TD).

Personal mobile devices are not permitted on the sidelines during the game.        

Players may tweet from the locker room during pregame and halftime.      

Players must fulfill their post-game media obligations on the field before returning to the locker room to tweet.

Players and fans are encouraged to use the hashtag #ProBowl during the game.

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