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New Orleans Saints vs San Francisco 49ers series history

The teams have met 72 times during the regular season

Foes in the old NFC West from 1970-2001, the Saints and the 49ers have an extensive regular season history. While San Francisco leads the series 46-24-2, New Orleans has captured six of the last seven regular season meetings. The first meeting between the two clubs was a 27-13 Saints loss on October 22, 1967, New Orleans' inaugural season, in San Francisco's Kezar Stadium.

In the 72 regular season games of the series there has been:
• Two seven-game San Francisco winning streaks from 1974-77 and from 1996-99.
• A current six-game regular season winning streak for New Orleans from 2002-10
• A 13-24 record for the Saints in games played in New Orleans, but 4-1 in the last five meetings at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.
• 34 games decided by double-digits.
• 12 games decided by 21 or more points.
• 35 games decided by a touchdown or less.

10/22/67L, 13-27Kezar Stadium34,285
11/23/69W, 43-38Tulane Stadium71,448
10/18/70T, 20-20Kezar Stadium39,446
12/13/70L, 27-38Tulane Stadium61,940
9/26/71L, 20-38Tulane Stadium81,595
11/14/71W, 26-20Candlestick Park45,138
10/1/72L, 2-37Tulane Stadium69,840
10/22/72T, 20-20Candlestick Park59,167
10/21/73L, 0-40Candlestick Park52,881
12/9/73W, 16-10Tulane Stadium62,490
9/15/74L, 13-17Tulane Stadium65,071
12/15/74L, 21-35Candlestick Park40,418
10/19/75L, 21-35Candlestick Park39,990
11/23/75L, 6-16Louisiana Superdome40,328
10/17/76L, 3-33Candlestick Park43,160
12/12/76L, 7-27Louisiana Superdome42,536
11/13/77L, 7-10 OTLouisiana Superdome41,564
11/27/77L, 17-20Candlestick Park33,702
10/15/78W, 14-7Candlestick Park37,671
12/3/78W, 24-13Louisiana Superdome50,068
9/23/79W, 30-21Candlestick Park39,727
11/11/79W, 31-20Louisiana Superdome65,551
9/7/80L, 23-26Louisiana Superdome58,621
12/7/80L, 35-38 OTCandlestick Park37,949
9/27/81L, 14-21Candlestick Park44,433
12/20/81L, 17-21Louisiana Superdome43,639
11/28/82W, 23-20Candlestick Park51,611
10/16/83L, 13-32Louisiana Superdome68,154
11/13/83L, 0-27Candlestick Park40,022
9/16/84L, 20-30Candlestick Park57,611
11/25/84L, 3-35Louisiana Superdome65,117
9/29/85W, 20-17Candlestick Park58,053
12/15/85L, 19-31Louisiana Superdome46,065
9/21/86L, 17-26Candlestick Park58,297
11/2/86W. 23-10Louisiana Superdome53,234
10/25/87L, 22-24Louisiana Superdome60,497
11/15/87W, 26-24Candlestick Park60,436
9/4/88L, 33-34Louisiana Superdome66,357
12/11/88L, 17-30Candlestick Park62,977
10/8/89L, 20-24Louisiana Superdome60,488
11/6/89L, 13-31Candlestick Park60,667
9/10/90L, 12-13Louisiana Superdome68,629
12/23/90W, 13-10Candlestick Park60,112
11/10/91W, 10-3Louisiana Superdome68,591
12/1/91L, 24-38Candlestick Park62,092
9/27/92L, 10-16Louisiana Superdome68,591
11/15/92L, 20-21Candlestick Park64,895
9/26/93W, 16-13Louisiana Superdome69,041
11/22/93L, 7-42Candlestick Park66,500
9/25/94L, 13-24Candlestick Park63,971
11/28/94L, 14-35Louisiana Superdome61,304
9/3/95L, 22-24Louisiana Superdome66,627
10/29/95W, 11-73Com Park65,272
9/1/96L, 11-273Com Park63,970
11/3/96L, 17-24Louisiana Superdome53,297
9/14/97L, 7-333Com Park61,838
10/26/97L, 0-23Louisiana Superdome60,443
10/11/98L, 0-31Louisiana Superdome62,811
11/22/98L, 20-313Com Park68,429
9/19/99L, 21-283Com Park67,685
11/14/99W, 24-6Louisiana Superdome52,198
11/5/00W, 31-15Louisiana Superdome64,900
12/10/00W, 31-273Com Park67,892
11/11/01L, 27-283Com Park68,083
1/6/02L, 0-38Louisiana Superdome70,020
10/20/02W, 35-27Louisiana Superdome67,903
9/19/04W, 30-27Louisiana Superdome64,900
12/03/06W, 34-10Louisiana Superdome68,241
10/28/07W, 31-10Monster Park68,244
9/28/08W, 31-17Louisiana Superdome70,008
9/20/10W, 25-22Candlestick Park69,732
11/25/12L, 21-31Mercedes-Benz Superdome73,147

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