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New Orleans Saints vs Arizona Cardinals regular-season series history

Check out the series history between the Saints and the Cardinals in their 26 meetings

The Saints and Cardinals have played 26 times in the regular season, with the Saints trailing 12-14. The Cardinals won the first three games, including both played in 1968 when they were in the NFL Century division. The Saints won their first game against the Cardinals on Nov. 2, 1969, 51-42 at Busch Stadium. The game still stands as the most points between two clubs in team history. The clubs combined for 80 points on Oct. 23, 1977 at St. Louis in a 49-31 Cardinals win. In another memorable contest, the Saints beat the Cardinals 14-0 on Dec. 8, 1974 in the team's final contest played at Tulane Stadium:

12/3/67L, 20-31Busch Stadium41,171
9/29/68L, 20-21Tulane Stadium79,021
10/27/68L, 17-31Busch Stadium45,476
11/2/69W, 51-42Busch Stadium46,718
10/11/70L, 17-24Busch Stadium45,294
12/8/74W, 14-0Tulane Stadium57,152
10/23/77L, 31-49Busch Stadium48,417
10/5/80L, 7-40Superdome45,388
12/6/81L, 3-30Busch Stadium46,923
9/12/82L, 7-21Superdome58,673
9/4/83W, 28-17Superdome60,430
9/23/84W, 34-24Superdome58,723
12/8/85L, 16-28Busch Stadium29,527
11/16/86W, 16-7Busch Stadium32,069
10/11/87L, 19-24Busch Stadium11,795
9/23/90W, 28-7Superdome61,110
12/22/91W, 27-3Sun Devil Stadium30,928
10/18/92W, 30-21Sun Devil Stadium27,735
10/31/93W, 20-17Sun Devil Stadium36,778
9/22/96L, 14-28Superdome34,316
12/14/97W, 27-10Superdome45,517
12/20/98L, 17-19Sun Devil Stadium51,617
10/29/00W, 21-10Sun Devil Stadium35,016
10/3/04L, 10-34Sun Devil Stadium28,109
12/16/07W, 31-24Superdome70,007
10/10/10L, 20-30Univ. Phoenix Stadium62,621

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