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New Orleans Saints rookie report: Eric Martin

Eric Martin met with after Wednesday's practice.

Linebacker Eric Martin agreed to terms with the New Orleans Saints in April out of Nebraska. The California native started at defensive end for the Cornhuskers his senior year and led the team with 8.5 sacks and 18 tackles for a loss that earned him first-team All-Big Ten honors by writers and the Big Ten Network.  He ranked fourth in the conference in takedowns and second in stops for a loss. He added 59 tackles, two forced fumbles and one fumble recovery.

During his junior year, Martin played in 12 games with two starts and had 23 tackles, 2.5 sacks and seven special teams stops. He started at linebacker twice his sophomore year and made 26 tackles and a team-leading 13 special teams stops.

What has been your biggest transition from college to NFL so far?

"The tempo, the speed of the game. That is mainly it. Learning faster than normal and not having a bunch of time on your hands to learn stuff. Trying to learn as soon as possible."


How did it feel to play in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for the first time against the Chiefs?

"It was a lot of different emotions running through my body. It was just a new experience. Getting paid to play and all that stuff. It's just different to play at that level that you normally just watch on TV."

What are you looking to improve for the Raiders on Friday?

"Just being more professional and approaching it different. Approaching it more like a professional than a rookie. Trying to learn from the older guys, play like them and mimic them and their movements. Just learning."

What have you liked most about the city so far?

"Not the weather. I like the food. The food is really great here. I'm a big food person. You can say I've put on a few pounds since I've been here."

What's your favorite meal?

"Any seafood. Any kind of shell fish. I'm a big fan of seafood so coming down here was like pulling into heaven."

Any special rookie duties so far?

"I had to sing a song. I had to sing "Ignition" by R. Kelly. We carry their pads every day."


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