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Saints players talk about 31-13 win over Panthers

Quarterback Drew Brees on the importance of the win:

"We had the division championship riding in the balance. We have three more weeks to go and we'll see these guys again at their place in a couple of weeks. We wanted to bounce back in a big way with a big win. We were able to do that today."

On the importance of winning the division:

"We understand that. A couple of years ago in 2010, we were 11-5 and found ourselves as the five seed going to play at 7-9 Seattle. Atlanta was 13-3 and won our division. That's why it is important to win the division. You want to secure that first-round bye if you can. Certainly, that is on our list of goals. We just need to focus on winning the division championship."

On the offensive line's play:

"Those guys played great. They were phenomenal against a great pass-rushing team. They are tops in the league in a ton of categories. A lot of those are based on their pass rush like sacks and turnovers. They are all of the things that a formidable pass rush can create. We knew the challenge that we had ahead of us. The guys upfront knew the challenge they had. They certainly rose to the occasion."

On if he will celebrate the 50,000-yard milestone: ![]( "new orleans saints")

"No, the milestone is great. We high fived and hugged a little bit in the locker room. That's the extent of it. It's on to St. Louis this week on the road. We have to go on the road and win a big game. It's been a little while since we did that. The challenges only get greater. We will reflect on all of this stuff after the season."

Tight end Jimmy Graham on the offense getting back on track:

"Tonight was a great night for the offense and the defense. It was coming off a short week and a tough loss. The guys really bought in this week. We focused on the little details and it really showed tonight."

On Drew Brees surpassing 50,000 career passing yards:

"Fifty thousand is pretty unbelievable. I'm very lucky to have a quarterback like that. He's taught me everything that I know. He trusts me in situations that most quarterbacks wouldn't. He's just a special guy. I call him the surgeon. He knows who is open. He knows where to go with the ball. It's just an amazing feat."

Cameron Jordan on the play of the defense tonight:

"I think we came out with the mentality to be aggressive and capitalize on different plays. I think we capitalized enough to come out with this win. We have a very talented you defensive line that is able to collapse the pocket. We definitely capitalized today and was able to come out with the victory."

On getting pressure early:

"Junior (Galette) set the tone and then he finished it. He had a phenomenal game. It's what you expect from him every game. He's a talented speed rusher."

Junior Galette on getting pressure on Cam Newton:

"We had to beat them with speed all day and contain Cam (Newton). The middle did their job. Cameron (Jordan) did his job on the left side. That just allowed me to get pressure."

On playing with a chip on their shoulder:

"I felt like we climbed a hurdle here. It was a critical game. Cam (Newton) is an incredible athlete. We got a lot of preparation by facing Russell Wilson last week. He's mobile and he can throw outside the pocket. We always want to keep a chip on our shoulder. The offense did a great job by putting us ahead. We just responded defensively and got after the quarterback."

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