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New Orleans Saints postgame quotes

Saints players talk about loss to Seahawks

Saints quarterback Drew Brees on the slow start and not being able to rally to get back into the game:

* *"Obviously, the first half was tough, going into halftime 27-7. Nothing we did offensively was right, we really couldn't get anything going. Looking back I think we had five possessions in the first half and four of them were three-and-outs, one of them we moved the ball and went down and got a touchdown. We converted some critical third downs and got a touchdown to answer their intial onslaught. But then after that we got stopped on two fourth downs in the fourth quarter that if had finished those drives with touchdowns it is certianly more respectable looking. But the fact of the matter is we took one on the chin today. We got outplayed today. They played great and they made a lot of plays and we didn't. They deserve a lot of credit both defensively and offensively for the way they played. They were certainly well prepared. This is a tough atmosphere to come in and play but obviously we are a much better team than what we put out on the field today.

On the response to the idea that the Saints have trouble playing on the road:

"I would say the statistics don't lie. Since 2009 we have the most wins on the road of any team in the NFL, period. Since 2006 we have the second most behind only the New England Patriots. So if you just look at that nobody has really done their research. We certainly didn't prove anyone wrong that was saying that by tonight's performance but I can say the weather did not play a factor.  The noise, yes its loud yes its tough to communicate, you really have to have your stuff together but I felt like we did a good job communicating. So didn't feel like that was as big a factor than what some other teams deal with when they come here. We were prepared for that we just got outplayed. They played great, we didn't."

On if he felt like the game snowballed after getting down 17-0:

* *"That is such an early score. It was what, 3-0? Then 10-0. The turnover obviously gave them a great amount of momentum. Great play by them. They get the ball loose, it drops right into the hands of one of their D-linemen and he runs it in for a touchdown. That's tough. Coming into this game we knew that is what their defense thrives on. That sets you behind the 8-ball a little bit. They were up 17-0 very quickly and we go down and answer with a touchdown but unfortunetly we just couldn't get much going after that. We were never really able to put drives together like we are used to putting drives together. We are used to being on the other end of these types of games. It is frustrating, it's disapointing, we are a much better team than we put out there but we have to take our lumps. We have to get better. A short week, a really short week as we have to fly five hours back to New Orleans and get there early in the morning. Rally and get ready for the Carolina Panthers coming to town. They have the same record as us, fighting for this division."

On if they would like to have another shot at the Seahawks in the playoffs:

* *"We have a lot of work to do prior to anything like that but we aspire to be in the playoffs. We aspire to win our division which is first and foremost. That is what we have to do and we will let that other stuff take care of itself. But as of right now the road to the Super Bowl looks like it is traveling through here."

On if this was an especially frustrating performance considering what is at stake:

* *"It would have been frustrating either way. We don't look at it as 'Monday Night Football,' everyone is watching and we didn't put together a great performance. We have put together a lot of great prime-time performances. Moreso it is just we know that Seattle is a great team. We know they are a team that we are going to have to deal with in the future. We are going to have to find a way to play better against these guys when that time comes."

On comparing Seattle's defense around the league:

* *"They are very good. They don't have any weak links. They are very good upfront. They are very good in the linebacker position. They are very good in the secondary. They put it all together and they play very well together within their scheme. Obviously they play extremely well at home because they can thrive on that crowd noise and typically on offenses inability to communicate and the snap count and all of those things. They deserve a lot of credit."

On not getting the tight end and running back position going:

*"We didn't get a lot of anything going. But Jimmy (Graham) caught some balls Sproles (Darren) caught some balls. I don't know if anybody was shut down but we certainly didn't execute like we are used to." *Defensive end Akiem Hicks on how Seattle was able to do what they did:

* *"You can't really speculate on why they were successful in what they did we just know that we are better than what we put on tape today. We are going to go back and work harder on what we do and hopefully be successful against our next opponent."

On if you study this film or throw it away and forget this game:

* *"You have to forget about it as soon as you can. In this league you face a tough opponent every week and we just have to do what we can to be prepared for our next opponent."

On how quickly you start getting ready to face the Carolina Panthers:

* *"Right away, the Caroline Panthers are doing a great job on their side. Every week is a tough week, every week is a tough game. We play tough games back to back to back, this was another one and next week will be too."

On if he has more respect and appreciation for Russell Wilson after seeing him play:

* *"We have appreciation for every quarterback we play because there is a reason why they are here. Russell Wilson is one of those guys and we look forward to playing the next one, Cam Newton."

Defensive end Cameron Jordan on what challenges Russell Wilson presented:

"We face elite talent every week.  We came in with a specific game plan, and Russell Wilson definitely ran for a lot more yards than we expected him to."

On if the plan was to stop Lynch:

"I think we played the run pretty well.  Russell just made a couple of good plays.  He's definitely as fast as we thought he was, and he definitely did his job."

On if Seattle's passing game was more effective than it had shown before:

"No, I think they did exactly what they came to do.  He's an elusive quarterback.  He's a scrambler, and when he scrambles he's still looking downfield.  He made a lot of good throws that created a lot of openings.

On if this result will dampen the team's confidence:

"Not at all.  We've got a lot of talent. We just have to come together. We usually have a great game plan of playing complementary football, and I don't think that happened tonight. On both sides of the ball, we have to be better."

On if what Seattle did surprised New Orleans:

* *"No, they came out and tried to run it.  I think we did a good job in stopping that.  It just so happened that they had a lot more gadget plays than we expected, and they did what they're supposed to do."

Tight end Jimmy Graham on what challenges Seattle's defense presented:

"It was just their night. They came out fast and got up on us pretty big there in the first quarter. It just wasn't our night: running, passing, defense. It just wasn't our night tonight."

On what impact the early turnover had:

"You can't really turn the ball over when you're playing away games. That's a huge stat.  For a pick-six like that, kind of a fluky little deal, that definitely hurts.  They were real good on third down tonight.  We weren't as good as we normally are.  It just wasn't our night."

On if he was surprised the team did not rally tonight:

"Yeah, we usually bounce back pretty well offensively and defensively before. We've rallied, but nothing was working for us tonight. It seemed like we were three-and-out, three-and-out, or we'd get something going and we'd get a penalty. The plays we normally make, we just weren't making tonight. When you're playing a team like that, a team that good, you can't make those mistakes."

On if this was the tightest coverage he's faced:

"Every defense for me is pretty physical. Guys are going to try and get their hands on me and reroute me and disrupt things. So, no. We just weren't making plays."

On how Seattle's defense compares to others the offense has faced:

"They're pretty good, obviously. On paper, and obviously in the game they were real good tonight, and at home they play very, very special. We've just got to look at the film and move on because we've got a huge game coming up."

On if the noise was a disruptive factor:

"We had the speaker turned up pretty loud at practice. I was still able to hear Drew. Once you're in the game, the noise doesn't really do much. Defensively they were just playing very, very well."

On if any specific factor in the team's game plan went wrong:

"Everything went wrong.  That's the problem, especially on the road.  We really felt like we were prepared tonight. That first quarter, you can't do that against a team like that, you just can't do it.  All the aftermath after that, that's what happens when you do that.  Not much went right.  You can't point at one thing or two or three or four. The team played very, very poorly tonight, and we have to learn from that, because all these count. These are huge games coming up.  All of them are important."

Receiver LANCE MOORE on what most contributed to the loss, offense or defense:

"It was a combination of the two. They made some defensive stops, and we didn't do a whole lot offensively. We obviously didn't have a lot of yards, we didn't convert enough first downs. We just didn't do enough to win, and they did plenty."

On potential lasting impact of the loss:  "You want to remember this game, but coming into this week we didn't want to make this game more than it was.  It was our next game, obviously an NFC game, but this was not the Super Bowl.  People were building this game up to be a huge game.  That being said, it stings.  We're upset.  We've got to bounce back."

On if he would want to play here again in the postseason:

"There is still a ton of ball to play.  We can't worry about January right now.  We have to worry about the Carolina Panthers, who are hot.  We've got to do what it takes to bounce back on a short week and be ready to go."


Running back Mark Ingram on if noise was a factor:

"I don't think the crowd noise or the weather was a factor.  It comes down to winning games and executing and playing to the best of our ability, and we didn't do that.  You have give all the credit to Seattle.  They beat our butts tonight."

On if Seattle is as good as advertised:

* *"Man, we can't say anything else right now. We got our butts smacked around pretty good tonight. So we've got to swallow this and go back to the drawing board."

 C BRIAN DE LA PUENTE on what made the difference in this game:

* *"To start off, hats off to them. They played really well. At the end of the day, we didn't make enough plays.  We didn't make enough runs, enough catches, whatever it was, we didn't make enough plays.  Some of the drives, we just shot ourselves in the foot.  We've just got to get back to work, keep our head down and worry about this next game."

On how long the team will dwell on this loss:

"You don't dwell very long.  We kind of go in, learn from it and then get on to Carolina.  We learn from our mistakes, learn where we can get better and just move on.  Keep our head down and just keep grinding."

On if Seattle is as good as advertised:

"They play very good, complementary football: offense, defense and special teams.  To have success against that, you have to (do so) also.  We just didn't tonight.  Move on."

Tackle Zach Strief on if the crowd noise was a factor:

* *"It's hard to hear. I think there are plays here and there where you don't hear the cadence very well. At the end of the day it is a lack of execution more than anything."

On what Seattle's defense did that was so successful:

"It's hard to say without sitting down and watching it to look specifically. But I think it was the accumulation of them playing well and us playing awfully poorly. We really didn't give ourselves a chance at any point. Obviously we didn't really get into a rhythm, we just couldn't seem to get that first first down and ultimately that is on us."

On if the weather played a factor:

"No actually I think the weather was pretty nice. I think collectively the weather was not as much of an issue as it could have been. We got a little bit of rain there in the second quarter but really temperature wise it was pretty pleasant. Its awfully hard to point at weather, we just played very poorly. Hats off to them they played well."

On if you turn the page quicker on a game like this:

* *"I think you try and stay consistent. We are going to go in tomorrow and look at it. Obviously there is plenty to learn. There are lot of mistakes being made. You watch it tomorrow and you flush it like you would a win or a loss because we have a big game next week that we have to get ready to play."

On if there is any diagnosis for his injured ankle:

* *"We will see how it feels tomorrow, obviously it's an ankle. We will see how it feels tomorrow. It's not devastating, its not a break or anything like that, we will just see how it feels."

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