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New Orleans Saints postgame quotes

Player quotes about the win over the Cowboys


 New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees on the club setting the NFL single-game first down record tonight:**

"Somebody told me that right at the end of the game. They said that if we get one more first down that we will set an NFL record for first downs in a game. I knew we were going to be running it. We got eight yards on that first down run with Luke (McCown) in there. We had been running the ball well in the fourth quarter. Sean (Payton) said if we get one more first down, then we will set an NFL record. That's just like telling a pitcher that he has a no hitter. It stops. So, now we are sitting there (at) fourth (down) and five and I kind of looked at him and he said that we were going for it. That situation in the game if you don't get it, then they were probably going to take a knee. We really had nothing to lose there. I think Luke told the guys in the huddle. They thought that he was kidding around. They were like we don't need any motivation here. We are pros. We got it and the guys said that he wasn't messing with them."

On Marques Colston and his performance tonight:

"He's such a tough, durable guy who's always there. Missing last week, let's just give you a week to get healthy and feeling good. He's always battling something. That's just a testament to his toughness. He's the antithesis of what most people would think of a No. 1 receiver, as far as the glitz, the glam, always in front of the camera. He just goes to work, takes care of his business, such a pro. I wouldn't trade him for anybody. He just continues to impress."

On Kenny Stills:

"Kenny is a big-time playmaker. The more experience he gets, the more opportunity he receives to succeed. He'll continue to get more and more opportunities. Obviously, he's come up with some big catches the last four weeks."

On the game:

"Anytime you can hold an opposing offense to zero-for-nine on third down, that's going to win you just about every game. I think just that complementary football element we talk about having was very present tonight."

On the offensive line:

"For real, these guys were phenomenal today. I love our group. Win or lose, they're a bunch of warriors. They battle. They take so much pride in what they do. What they did in the run game and the pass game, after being challenged last week, every one of them deserves a game ball."

On the last possession of the first half:

"You get the ball in (Darren) Sproles' hands in space with some blockers, that's a pretty good recipe."

On Mark Ingram and his performance:

"He's kind of been bitten by the injury bug. Mark's a great football player. The run game, pass blocking, catching the ball out of the backfield. Every time he got opportunities, he made the most of them. Man, he received those today. He was a man on a mission today. He's another guy who just battles. I'm so happy for him. This is kind of just breaking the seal for what he's capable of."

Running back Mark Ingram on tonight's game:

"It felt great to be out there tonight with the team. The offensive line did a great job getting head on a hat. They made holes for us to run through. When they are blocking like that, it's special"

On the rushing game:

"We have put a lot of emphasis on the run game. We just wanted to come out here on a national stage and prove to everybody that we could play smash mouthfootball and run the ball. All the running backs worked really hard this week in practice. The line did a great job. It's all on them. It makes our job easy when they dominate the line like that."

Running back Pierre Thomas on the running game:

"It was clicking on all cylinders. We had a nice little tempo that was non-stop. As soon as Mark (Ingram) went in, he was explosive, making moves and running the ball well. When (Darren) Sproles went in, he ran, caught and did it all. We had a nice, little, smooth tempo going. We did not let up on these guys and took it to them.

On if it was the best running effort all year:

"Definitely. There is plenty more to come. We are not done yet."

Cornerback Keenan Lewis on shutting down Dez Bryant:

"I have to give hats off to our coaches. They told me all week how to play him. He's a good receiver. He is one of the best in the league and we knew that's who they wanted to go to. I just made sure that he didn't get the ball. I had the opportunity to play him last year. Playing him twice, I had the opportunity to see what he liked and what he disliked. It was Sunday Night football and I knew it was going to be a challenge. I had to accept it."

On tonight's effort:

"When you come off a loss, you don't want to make it two in a row. We put the game behind us last week. We came out to practice this week and worked extremely hard. We came out tonight and gave all that we had."

Cornerback Jabari Greer on winning the game for Coach Rob Ryan:

"He is our unquestioned leader. When you have a coach like that, you feel indebted to do things for him. He is one of those guys that you don't want to let down. We knew how much it meant to him. It felt like we were paying him back. His childlike enthusiasm permeates through all of us. This game can be serious, but every day he reminds us that it's a child's game. The way that he coaches is all about joy. You see us play with an enthusiasm. We owe him a lot and we enjoy playing for him."


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