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New Orleans Saints players talk about win over Titans

Players met with media after 31-24 win


(on competition with Ryan Griffin) "I don't have any thoughts about it. We are both trying to make our team better; that's the focus."

(on Jimmy Graham dunking) "I don't know if I am surprised by it. That's his signature. It's what Jimmy does. There's going to have to be a change especially in the regular season about how that goes down. Jimmy's a great player. I've got tremendous respect for him and I am glad he's on my team."

(on game last week) "About four days prior to that I dislocated my right pinky so the game plan on how much we tried to throw the ball was a little different."

(on more snaps this game) "The flow was the same as last week, I just get to play longer because I had time to let the pinky rest."

(on if it is hard to throw with a hurt pinky) "Not anymore."

(on scoring on first drive) "That's our job. That's as confident as I've ever been playing the game. I thought as an offense we were very fluid, very smooth in that first series. The communication was great. Guys were making plays and getting open. They brought a series of a couple of different pressures we were able to pick up and capitalize on it. That's how you want to start a game and I fully expect to start every series that I'm in that way. That's the mentality you have to have."


(on if his speed was like it was a year ago) "With any rehab process you can't go 0-100. It's been a long process, but right now I feel great. I'm still trying to climb the ladder. I'm going to keep doing the things that I've been doing to get there."

(on two big catches) "I just went out there and did things that I know that I can do. I trust my knee and myself. I can't get complacent. I have to keep working hard."


(on forcing turnovers) "Every offseason you have an emphasis on what you want to do as a difference. We had a lot of great games last year, but the thing that we were lacking were the turnovers. I think we are going to do a better job. We are only in week two of the preseason. If we can keep the tenacity and the energy up, then we will create the turnovers."


(on penalties) "We just have to eliminate those. The rules change: you can't touch a receiver's head at all past five yards. We have to start practicing and make sure we are playing the game clean so we don't extend drives."

(on takeaways) "We always want to get Drew (Brees and the offense) the ball back as much as we can: create turnovers, score points on defense."


(on penalties) "The one thing that stands out as far as the defense is guilt: we had too many penalties. Growing to be the team we want to be, we can't have that many penalties. We forced turnovers, and that was a big emphasis this weekend. We are really proud of that, but we have to get rid of all those turnovers."

(on things they can correct) "If you get five turnovers, you would say you blew whoever out that you played. I think you look at the penalties and what kept them in them game. We are not that kind of team and we definitely have to work on that in practice. We look forward to improving that next week."

(on rookies in secondary) "The young guys are finally starting to come into their own. Sunseri had a great week of practice and it showed up for him in the game. He had a couple of big hits and a great interception. Stanley Jean-Baptiste: he's really been showing up for us. This week he got a little more action and he's improved himself. As long as he keeps improving he'll be okay."

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