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New Orleans Saints players talk about win over Rams

Transcripts from Friday night press conferences

Saints quarterback Ryan Griffin on the win:
"It was a great team win. These games don't really count for our regular season record, but they matter to us. That was kind of our theme of the night. It doesn't matter what we're doing, we always want to win."

On his touchdown pass to WR Brandin Cooks:
"First off, the offensive line did a great job all night. With the run game and the protection, they were great. On the one play, they happened to bring an all out blitz. I know I just had to get it out to Brandin and he did his job, made somebody miss to get in the end zone."

On what makes Cooks special:
"He makes people miss. He can cut on a dime, he's got great hands and great speed. He's a special player."

On having a strong running game:
"The offensive line did great. Those guys had big holes to run through, and those guys did a great job of making people miss as well."

Saints tackle Zach Strief on quarterback Ryan Griffin:
"I think a lot like we talked about after the scrimmage, obviously (QB) Luke (McCown) is a veteran. He's been around a long time. He's very comfortable in the huddle and you can feel that kind of confidence. Ryan has turned into that quickly. Obviously it's just his second year, but he's a sponge. He's absorbed a lot of information. I think he did a really good job of just getting us in the right place tonight. Just watching, knowing what we're supposed to run things into and what we're not. He did a good job of getting us into the right play. Obviously he showed a lot of poise on the touchdown pass, standing in, knowing he's going to get drilled and he delivered the ball perfectly and gives (WR) Brandin (Cooks) a chance to make a play. We like both of them a lot, not just as players but as guys. It's good to see your guys play well and perform how you see them every day."

On the offensive line's play:
"It's a good start, that's all it is. We're going to look back and there'll be tons of mistakes, and yet it feels much better than how it started last year. I think there's a lot more comfort in the scheme that we're running, how we're running it, and what we want to do. I think more than anything, the backs made quick decisions and they made them quickly, correct, they hit holes. I think (RBs) Mark (Ingram) and Khiry (Robinson) really ran with really good pad level. They broke a lot of tackles for us running through arm tackles. We've got a lot of confidence in them. This is just a start, but it's a step in the right direction."

Saints running back Mark Ingram on how he felt there:
"I'm just trying to get back out there, get into a groove. The offensive line did a great job and just getting movement off the ball and creating seems for us to run through."

On the rookie offensive lineman:
"They went in there and they executed. They've been working their butt off every day at practice and they went in there and they executed. As you saw, we had a lot success in the run game and that's because of them up front creating holes for us and creating movement off the ball for us to press the holes and seems to run through."  

On playing on his contract year:
"Every year is a big year; of course it's a contract year. Any person that plays football it's important to them on a contract year. Every year is important. It's not more important but just put more emphasis on it just because it is a contract year and I am playing for a new contract. The main thing is me just being focused and trying to be the best player I can be to help us win."

Saints receiver Brandin Cooks on the win tonight:
"It definitely feels good to come out here and get a win with my new team. Just go out there and pound it out and grind it and finish it at the end."

On playing on a national level:
"It really felt great, it's one of those things you continue to do what you've been doing your whole life. You just go out there and play. You know, be calm and go out there and have fun. That's what it's all about tonight, just do my job and help our team win."

On having the ability to stop on a dime and change his motion:
"It's one of those things you just don't think about. I guess you can say stopping on a dime. I don't want to say it's hard, it's just a technique or more a sense where the defenders are coming from. So I was blessed to have that ability."

Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis on what needs to be corrected and built upon after the first preseason game:
"It was the first preseason game, everybody is looking forward to it, just to get the rust off and evaluate where we are at. We have four games to get ready for the regular season and I think we played extremely hard tonight and put in a good effort going forward."

On what he saw on the first defensive series of the game that the Rams scored on:
"It was just a good play, the quarterback (Shaun Hill) made a good read, hats off to that guy. He put his team in a good position. It is preseason, we will get it fixed before the regular season."

On the second and third line guys:
"It was good to see some of the young guys get the opportunity to show their skills off in the preseason, but also help us in the regular season. Also to see what they've got so they can tune up before the regular season because those guys will be a big part of our team so it was good to see guys staying in like those guys out there."

Associated Press images from the New Orleans Saints first preseason game at the St. Louis Rams on Friday, August 8, 2014.

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