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New Orleans Saints players talk about the win over Green Bay Packers

Postgame quotes from New Orleans Saints players after the win on Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014


(on if this was best performance of the year) "Without question. It's been a long time coming. Obviously we've had our fair share of struggles early on here. We've lost some heartbreakers. All we talked about all week long is coming together as a team and playing a complete game as a team. Come out here and don't look at the score board. Just worry about execution. Each series, each play, one at a time. It was a perfect representation of that."

(on planning for Cooks to get in endzone) "That's just the way the game played out. We always go into the game with multiple shot plays. He just happened to be on the receiving end of a few of those. He came up with a big one there in the third quarter which lit a fire."

(on if this was redemption for last week) "No not redemption. Just the next game. The most important game because it's the next game. No better way to get back on track. The Green Bay Packers are playing about as well as any team in the league right now. We knew the challenge that was ahead of us. We knew that if we came out and played a complete team game, that our best was good enough. That's what we did on both sides of the ball. Just a great team effort."

(on Ingram running different plays) "He carried a lot. He knew he was going to have to with Pierre and Khiry being absent. He did his job. He had a career night. I didn't realize he ran for what 172? Unbelievable effort on his part individually, but can't say enough about the guys up front. They took the challenge as well. Good defensive front, pass rush up front. They had their work cut out for them and they stepped up as well."

(on one back set getting out huddle faster) "It has nothing to do with the one back set. The tempo was certainly better today and that helped us with the rhythm. That's something we are going to continue to emphasize."

(on if Ingram was motivated with former teammate Eddie Lacy on other team) "Oh the Alabama thing. I didn't even think about that. Maybe so. It was a heck of a night and Eddie Lacy had a heck of a night too. Both of those guys had career numbers."

(on offensive line)  "I think our guys have done great all season long. There's a lot of good defensive tackles in this league, good defensive ends. This is a good a pass rush team. They handled Peppers and Matthews on the outside. Pass protection involves everybody, not just the five guys up front: it's tight ends, it's running backs, and it's me getting the ball out on time and avoiding those sacks whenever possible. Those guys did a great job tonight."

(on Charles Hawkins on kick returns) "He had a couple. We were aggressive going in on what we elected to do if they were coming to us 7 or 8 yards deep in the endzone. We thought it was a good opportunity. I thought that was encouraging."

(on needing next game) "We need them all. No more important game than this quick turn around, Thursday night game at Carolina. This was the team that won the division last year. We had two really good games against these guys last year. We are going to need our best performance to beat them.  We have to go on the road and get the job done."

(on things going team's way) "My grandfather always said: there's three types of people, three types of teams. Those that make it happen, those that watch it happen, and those who wake up one day and say, 'What the heck happened?' I feel like all this year we've been waking up and saying, 'What the heck happened?' and it's about time we made it happen."


(on whether this was type of performance team expected going into the season) "We definitely played better, but I still see a lot of areas where we can improve and a lot of areas where we have to improve if we want to get to where we want to go. We have a big ladder to climb. We take it one week at a time. I definitely think we're moving forward, but we still have to keep improving."

(on Drew Brees' performance) "Drew has set the bar so high for himself and this offense with Sean (Payton), I feel like the criticism is unjust. He's a special player. He's a hall-of-famer. There's not many people who have ever played this game who are better. I think sometimes people put too much of it on him because he's had big nights like this and for so long, he's put up such big numbers."

(on whether criticism of Brees motivates the team) "Yes, because obviously they're going to start with Drew and kick their way down. We all take that very personal. Drew demanded even more from us this week, as a whole, as a receiver group, our offensive line, our running game, he just demanded all the little things and we were able to do that tonight."

(on Mark Ingram's performance and impact on passing game) "It helps with the play actions. Obviously Drew was able to air out a couple of play action looks there. I'm proud of Mark. If you look at before he got hurt, he was doing some special things. In my opinion, he was running the ball better than he ever has and improving each game. For him to come out off of an injury and get back to what he was doing to start the season is going to be a big help for us moving forward."


(on if tonight was a complete game) "That's what we expect when we have the offense and defense playing well and complementing each other. The defense was making big plays, getting turnovers and getting us a short field. We did a great job and we will keep getting better every week."

(on his play tonight) "I just try to go out there and do my best to help us win. I just want to go out there and make plays. The offensive line did a great job and we just have to keep improving. We have to play a tough NFC South team on a short week in Carolina. We will bring our 'A' game when we play Carolina."

(on his confidence level) "I am always hard on myself. I always have room for improvement. I'm sure I can learn and get better from today when I look at the film. I have to keep continuing to improve.


(on the win) "It was an all-around team win. The defense played well. Our running game went well and our passing game went well. We can be a special team when everything is clicking."

(on the reverse for a touchdown) "I felt like tonight was going to be a special night from the team. One I got that reverse it was time to get going."

(on the long plays) "Drew (Brees) says to trust your speed and I understand him. He's played with a lot of guys over the years and he told me just to trust it."


(on the defensive play tonight) "It was a collective effort tonight. Defensively tonight guys were getting to the ball and making plays. That's how we win games. "

(on facing Aaron Rodgers) "He's got a great arm and can get outside of the pocket. He rushed for that one touchdown. You just have to be prepared. You have to rush him effectively and cover effectively. It's a two- headed monster."

(on watching the last drive) "It was great. We were prepared to go back out there if need be. Our offense did a great job. Khiry (Robinson) had a heck of a run. We sealed the deal."


(on his interception) "It was a slant. I did a good job of getting to the ball. We were flying around out there."

(on holding the Packers to field goals) "It was huge. It makes a big difference holding an offense like that to three points. We did a good job of holding them and getting the ball back to Drew (Brees).

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