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New Orleans Saints players talk about Packers game

Transcripts of player interviews


On his touchdown catch:

"It was real quick. Luke (McCown) found me on a little slant route. It felt good to get my first NFL official touchdown. It was encouraging because that was one of my goals this preseason."


On the opening drive of the game:

"I think we just got into a good rhythm. The guys came out with good focus. It is one of those things where one positive play builds after the other. We all started off strong."

On going 0-4 in the preseason:

"If we went 4-0, you still have to play the regular season. The thing you don't like is that losing is contagious, just like winning is. So you never want to be ok with losing. That is just not ok. I think that the biggest thing is how we are losing; the penalties and doing different things that good football teams don't do."

On what needs to be corrected heading into the season opener:

"We just need to get back to the fundamentals. We have a great coaching staff here, and we have some great leadership around here. Guys want to win and we have the talent to win. We just need to make sure we aren't beating ourselves and we need to make sure we are playing together as a unit."


On his interception:

"With the defense we were running, I had the ability to just roam around and read the quarterback. I saw the route and I got my eyes back to the quarterback."

On Brett Hundley:

"He is a solid young guy, but it doesn't really matter who we play. I just need to go out and play the best I can play no matter the competition."

On the defense this preseason:

"I think we have been improving. We have had different gameplans each game and the big thing with the whole preseason is to learn from our experiences. We are just trying to get better and bring that into the season."

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