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New Orleans Saints players talk about loss to the Texans

Transcript of player interviews

Official team photos of the Saintsations at the New Orleans Saints vs Houston Texans game on Sunday, August 30, 2015. Photos by Michael C. Hebert and Matthew Sharpe. New Orleans Saints photos.


On overall preseason experience:

"It's just a growing experience. As a rookie, you have to learn the ropes of the team. You have to come out and learn the playbook and become comfortable with the offense. Working with the older veterans and the guys that have experience has been helping me out a lot."

On things to work on in last preseason game:

"I just want to continue to get better and keep growing the skills that I have, as well as just show the coaches that they can be comfortable and confident with putting me in during clutch situations or any time that they need me on the field."

On being more than a special teams threat:

"I can see myself as a playmaker. Special teams, offense; wherever you need me, I just want to be able to make a play."


On ease of game as he gets more reps:

"I'm definitely getting comfortable, that's for sure. I'm getting back into the rhythm, playing the game how I felt in college, so I just have to get more reps and more playing time."

On how more playing time felt today:

"It felt great. I just feel like the coaches are starting to trust me now by giving me more reps here and there with the first and second-string teams. I just have to make sure that I make the most of every opportunity that I get."

On thriving in difficult situations/catches:

"It's just my ability to catch the ball. If it's a tough catch, in my mind, I just feel like if the ball is in the air, I'm coming down with it. I pride myself on catching the ball every day, catching everything. Whenever I do see the ball in the air or it looks like it's going to be a tough catch, I just compete for the ball and just try to make a play."


"We're ready to go, but with that being said, we still have some stuff to clean up. We are all excited for week one to show up, because we are ready to rock."


On touchdown run:

"It felt great. I was happy I was able to showcase that ability. I pride myself on speed, and speed kills, so I was happy that I could showcase that tonight.

"It was a nice little outside toss, I got a great kick-out block, and then I was just seeing green grass, so I took off and went. That was pretty much it."

"I'm taking advantage of each snap, because I don't know how many I'm going to get. I am just trying to make each and every last one of them count, and that's what I did tonight."

On whether he thought of TD as one in an NFL game or step toward making the roster:

"I would say both, because right now, we are living the dream. I would never take this opportunity for granted, so I definitely want to reflect on the fact that I am scoring in the National Football League. I haven't wanted to do anything else since I was 5 years old, but I also have to take into account that it is a business and I also have to understand that, wherever things may go, that I just have to stay positive and control what I can control."


On whether Texans throwing in his direction was frustrating:

"Yeah it was frustrating. I can't control their offense. The coaches want to see what I can do on defense. Whenever an opportunity came my way, I was just going to be ready to make a play."

On lack of targets being a positive:

"It's early, but I'm just doing my job. I try to stay as close to the receiver as possible, and I saw the quarterback look a few times, but he saw that it was tight coverage, so he had to throw the ball somewhere else. It was just a great opportunity to be out there and come out in the Super Dome."

On his emotions coming on to the field for the first time:

"It was unbelievable. My dream actually came true when I walking out of the tunnel and hearing the guy call my name on the (public address system), as well as just hearing the screaming fans. It was one of the best feelings I have ever felt."

On getting grief about lack of college experience:

"No, I haven't really gotten that. A couple people have joked about it, but I don't worry about that stuff. I didn't get my opportunity to play then, but I'm here now, so that's pretty cool."


On lack of sacks being troubling:

"I wouldn't say it's troubling. We are in the preseason right now, and a lot of different guys are playing, so you just really want to build on that. It's a process. It's the preseason, and you want to put different people in different positions to see what they can do. It's just one of those things you have to work on. You watch the film; production is not there yet, so we just have to keeping building on it."

On sacks being more a scheme or technique based skill:

"It's just taking advantage of one-on-ones. That's an emphasis of ours, to win our one-on-ones, so we've just got to go watch film again and get back on the practice field to keep working on our craft."

On roster cuts coming up causing player talk:

"I wouldn't say that we talk about it, but it's just one of those things. You are just in control of yourself, so you just want to keep working and doing the best that you can, as well as help this organization win football games."

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