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New Orleans Saints players postgame quotes

Players' reaction to tonight's loss

Saints QB Drew Brees

(General comments on Saints loss)
"Well, it didn't help that we had the turnover on the first play and you want to talk about waking the whole place up, that did it. They (Rams) scored on the next play and now the crowd is involved. They had the momentum and then the offense made some plays. The second interception in the red zone, that can't happen. We're down there with an opportunity to get points, no need to try and force it, so that one's on me. From there, I look at the stat sheet and we were in the red zone six times. Six times and you come away with sixteen points, that's not us. That can't be us if we want to play well and win and have to find a way to improve that."

(On the Saints starting offensive tackle being pulled in the third quarter)
"I've got a lot of confidence in Charlie Brown. He had a tough day, but I have a ton of confidence in Zach Strief and really that entire group. So, Bryce Harris comes in and does a great job. I've got a lot of time on task with all of those guys and I've got a lot of confidence in all of those guys. You have to give a lot of credit to them (Rams), their defensive front, their pass rush and they got after us a little bit today. But, for me, you still have to operate, you have to find a way to get completions and get first downs, move the football and be efficient. There's no excuses and you can't give yourself any."

(On facing the Rams in St. Louis where they lost two years ago)
"This is what we knew. We knew that we couldn't turn the ball over. That's a recipe for disaster and sure enough it was. We knew we had to be able to stop the run and we weren't able to do that early on. We get a field goal missed and a field goal blocked, opportunity to score points and we don't score any points when we're in the red zone and that can't happen. Penalties that prevent touchdowns at the end of the first half, that was a big momentum shift for us going into the halftime. And all of a sudden, not only do we get that touchdown called back, but then we get the field goal blocked. You take those small elements, one element in each phase and that is a recipe for disaster. That will get you beat every time."

(On the Saints struggles to win on the road)
'We're kind of proving you guys (media) right, right now, which is unfortunate because we certainly don't feel that way about ourselves. The record doesn't lie. We have to play better on the road. No excuses, we have to play better on the road and we will."

(On facing Carolina next week)
"We need to play well. If we play well we can win. If we make some of the same mistakes we've made these last few road trips, then we'll get beat. But, I'm confident in our team, and I'm in confident in our leadership and I'm confident in our wherewithal to be able to put that together, to put together a great performance next week starting with a great week of practice."

Saints CB Malcolm Jenkins

(On today's game)
"We lost the game and that's the most disappointing, but the turnovers and our inability to stop the run, that's the way you lose. From the season standpoint, we still have everything we need in front of us with a big road game coming up in the division. It's going to be a tough game on the road. We haven't really been able to do well this year on the road and we are going to have to win the division and if we are going to make a run in the playoffs, we are going to have to win some road games there, too. This will be a good test for us again. It's a big game and we are going to have to jump back quickly."

(On the team's problems winning on the road this year)
"Looking at the ones we've lost, most of the time we didn't stop the run and some of them we have turnovers and those two things alone are a recipe to get beat. So we'll have to fix those. We'll have to protect the ball a little better, we'll have to stop the run and give our offense the ball more and not give up those big plays. Those are the things that get it."

(On now having to win in Carolina to win the NFC South Division)
"Take the South out. We want to win every game we play. There were some things that were riding on this game, but I don't think anybody is shying down from the challenge."

(On how tough it is losing a game like this today)
"It was disappointing. Anytime you lose a game, especially in the fashion that we lost, it's tough. But there are things that we are going to build on and we still have all of our goals in front of us. It's not the end of the world. Sometimes you just have to take your lumps and get better from it. There are obviously some things that we have to do better if we want to win on the road. We have to stop the run, we have to eliminate these big plays on defense that keeps our offense off of the field and we have to take care of the football. If we do those things, this game changes and all it takes is practice and focus. So we will correct it. We have a big road test coming up again and everything is pretty much riding on it so we will have to bounce back fast and figure out what it is that we need to do to get better."

Saints DE Cameron Jordan

(On today's game)
"We have to break down this film and we have to get right. Clearly they did their job. We knew they were coming out to try and run the ball and they were pretty efficient at that. I don't know how many yards they had but they ran it a lot. They had a couple of big plays that we have to minimize."

(On the poor tackling by the defense today)
"We have to do a better job of populating to the ball. The key to the game is that if you miss one, there should always be one more coming up, so we have to break down the film again and we have to get right for this next week. We have Carolina who we just played and we know they are watching this film and they are probably pretty happy about this."

(On whether there is enough veteran leadership on the team)
"I feel like we have veterans on this team at every position. We definitely have to step up and respond to this. It's another tough game. It did not go in our favor at all. We have to bounce back."

(On the team's slow start today)
"I feel like we have to come out with a jump start. We have to come out strong. We have to come out strong and finish strong. We always finish strong, but it's not good when you don't start strong."

Saints T Zach Strief

(On if the lack of energy played a role in the Saints loss)
"It's always hard to have an immediate response as to what caused this to happen. I think it's obvious, there's something about us on the road that has to be addressed and fixed. Nobody is walking into this game saying it's over. We know, we've been in this same situation against this team in this building and it's hard to say what it is, but there's something we have to identify and we have to find it fast."

(On the need for team leadership to play a role)
"I think in this business, in this league, you have to have somebody in the locker room to push the team in the right direction. We're grown men and it's no one else's job, but ours to be ready to play. And again, everything is going to be looked at, everything is going to be inspected to say what is it, what's causing us to play like this on the road and it has to be fixed now."

(On his level of concern)
"We put a lot into this.   This is not a 'show up on Sunday and play' sport. So, when you go on the field and put that on tape and play like we have on the road it's absolutely concerning.  Again, it has to be addressed and we have to find it. As a team we have to identify what it is that's keeping us from playing to our potential on the road."

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