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New Orleans Saints players' postgame quotes

Drew Brees and other Saints players react to the Saints 17-13 preseason win over the Kansas City Chiefs


(on his evaluation of tonight's performance) "We got some momentum during the second drive. We took some shots. I watched some guys make plays. I thought the overall efficiency was pretty good. The tempo wasn't quite where we wanted. We had some mental errors here and there. We were not as crisp as we would want. I think once we got going that things started to roll a little bit."

(on having Sean Payton back on sideline) "It was fine. It wasn't like I heard his voice on the first play. It was like old times. It was right back at it.

(on Payton's evaluation) "His perception was going from that playoff game in San Francisco to now. We expect a lot out of ourselves. It's not just the coaches putting it on us, it's ourselves. There's a sense of urgency. Although we've got three more weeks of preseason, (the regular season) will be here before we know it."


(on putting some points on the board) "Yes, it's the first game and you want to find a rhythm. They were playing a lot of man-to-man early in the game. We had some chances that we missed on early, but it was nice to see the poise of the entire offense to continue to push through and put some drives together. We put some points on the board."


(on being out on the field) "It feels great being back out there. It was frustrating not being able to play last year. It was a great feeling to be back out there."

(on his performance) "It was a decent day out there today. I need to clean up a lot of things, but I went out there and made some plays. I need to look at the film and make some corrections. I'll improve for next week."

WR #84 KENNY STILLS [internal-link-placeholder-0]

(on tonight's performance) "It was great to be out there. It was a great opportunity to be out there with the ones. I expect a lot more from myself. I dropped a ball that touched my hand and I have to catch it."


(on his first game with Saints) "The biggest thing for me was knowing what I needed to do. I was trying to get the calls down. It feels good to win the game. On offense, we had some things that we could do better. We'll watch the film and nit-pick what we did wrong."

(on if he is happy with his progress) "I am. I missed the entire offseason, which was tough. I've had to come into learning everything on the fly in training camp. It is a challenge, but I am happy with where I am. I still have a ways to go to feel more comfortable in the offense. I'll learn more from breaking down the tape."


(on the first drive) "Without a doubt they set a fast tempo and we adjusted accordingly. They made some small completions and gave us some wear and tear. We were able to make some adjustments on the second drive."

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