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Quotes from Kenny Stills, Nick Toon, Ramon Humber and Chris Chamberlain's post game press conference against the Oakland Raiders


WR #84 KENNY STILLS (on performance tonight)"I've learned that it's never as good or as bad as you think. I know I was frustrated last week and there's still some stuff I need to work on. I'm happier this week, obviously, with a touchdown and the way we played a lot cleaner."
(on playing with first unit)"It felt like today was a lot more relaxed out there. I got used to the tempo very quick. It just helped to get the ball in my hands early in the game. It kind of relaxes you and gets you set the rest of the game."
(on his TD reception)"Drew does a great job and he had a lot of time back there. Nick (Toon) and I were talking on the sidelines and he kind of took two guys and ran the opposite way. I knew if I got back there, sat and settled, that Drew would hit me right there."
(on approach for rest of preseason)"The same way I've been approaching practice. Making sure that I'm mistake free, making sure that I know my job and that I'm doing it and giving myself to my teammates. Tonight was a great step in the right direction for me. I still have a lot to prove and I'm still very young and there's still stuff I can learn off the tape."
(on difference between being drafted and now)** "My attitude when I got drafted was to come in and work my tail off and hopefully I would have an opportunity to play. I never looked at it as where I got drafted or what team I got drafted by. I knew that if I came in and worked and showed my ability then I would have a chance to play. I've been blessed to have an opportunity with that."

"Every year you get a chance to go out there and perform. You're interviewing for a job. There's a lot of talent in that room. A lot of great payers and everybody is going out there and doing the best they can do to showcase their skills."
(on performance first 2 weeks) "It feels good. I felt good about last week. I had some things I had to go back and correct. My goal is to get better every week and not make the same mistakes."
(on significant playing time tonight) " It's an honor to get that opportunity to go there and play and showcase my ability. This is a dream I've had since I was a little kid and it's a blessing to have the opportunity to go out there and play.
(on what he learns from his father) "We do talk about football. Anything he thinks he can help me out with he will let me know. It's great to have a resource like my dad. Not many people can say they have a resource like that."
(on catching passes from Drew Brees) "It's cool. Drew's a player that has done phenomenal things in this league and its an honor to play with him. He's a great player. For a receiver I don't think there's a better situation." ![]( "New Orleans Saints")

"I did whatever I could to help the team win tonight. With pass coverage and getting off blocks and blitzing; just helping the team overall."
(something out there to grab?)"Yeah, it's out there for everybody to grab. You just have to go out there and perform. You have to show the coaches and teammates that they can trust you."
(on 4th-and-1 stop and sack)"The fourth-and-one was just a great call by Rob Ryan. On the sack it was another good call, just a blitz call. I love that he saw something and called it."
(is this a last chance?)"I don't think this is the last chance for me. Anything could happen. I could go somewhere else. My goal is to help this team win."

(on Ramon Humber's performance)"He went out and had one today. Every week though, he is one of those hardheaded guys. He does everything you ask him and at a high level. He does that at practice and you just got to see him showcase it today."
(on his performance and ability to make calls)"We've had that role throughout camp where we both in there together. We both feel very comfortable communicating and just talking through things. We've been out their problem solving and the whole way through camp we've been communicating."
(on getting live action tonight)"It felt good to just go out there and do what I came here to do and that is to go out there and compete and play ball that I love. I felt like we came out and the defense really laid it out. We came out with a lot of emotion and got it started fast."
(on stepping up with Jonathan Vilma out)
* "I'm not sure. My thing is to just keep my head down and make a way for myself. Everything always kind of takes care of itself."

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