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New Orleans Saints player transcripts from Monday, August 12

Seneca Wallace, Cameron Jordan and Lance Moore met with media after practice

New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Lance Moore
Post-Practice Media Availability
Monday, August 12, 2013

What do you think Seneca Wallace needs to show the coaching staff to keep him on this roster?

"Well I think first and foremost, consistency.  He needs to make sure that he masters the offense, is able to get us in the right plays at the right time, and obviously, making plays."

Being a veteran in this league, what can Wallace bring to this offense?

"He brings a lot of experience.  That is something that we really haven't had here in the backup in four years.  To have either him or Luke McCown, or whoever it may be, those guys have played a lot of ball in this league and they will definitely be beneficial."

Can you talk about Travaris Cadet?

"He's a guy that came last year that showed up and made a ton of plays.  I think this year he has the confidence and feels that he belongs.  He shows up every day at practice.  If you turn on the film, he is making plays each and every game.  He is definitely one of those guys that we can count on."

What did you think of Cadet's run when he made the defensive backs from Kansas City totally whiff on the edge the other night?

"It was pretty cool. That's the stuff that he adds.  He brings a dimension of quickness, toughness, and play making ability."

Do you make a note whenever a player is able to do that in a game?

"Oh yeah, whenever you turn those lights on you are taking a deeper look at guys, seeing how tough they are and, the types of plays that they make. He is one of those guys that's a pretty dynamic player."

Can you talk about the young receivers showing up in the game this past week?

"Any time that you have a group that isn't very experienced, the more experience they can get the better.  These guys have taken a ton of reps in practice and they have done what it takes to make it correlate in the game.  We feel like all the guys can make plays and once their numbers are called, from top to bottom."

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Seneca Wallace
Post-Practice Media Availability
Monday, August 12, 2013

Any time that you are battling for a roster spot, and then you miss time, how tough is that? How nice is it to be back in the mix?

"It is always tough. Luke (McCown) did a great job on Friday. It is tough, especially when you are trying to learn a new system, when you miss time. This is the only chance I had. This is only the second time I have done red zone since OTA's. You have to just battle and grind through it. We will see what happens on Friday."

Are the goals for you this week just putting forth your best effort every day?

"Yes, that is the only thing you can do. Just keep playing football, the same thing I have been doing since I was young. Things will happen in the game. You just have to bounce back from them and continue to make plays. Move the ball. Show the team that you can run the system the way that Coach Payton wants it run."

Is it an advantage for you that you can be that dual threat guy?

"Yes, a little bit. Because obviously learning the system, there might be some different things or different looks that you are not used to or comfortable with. Sometimes, you can rely on your legs to get you out of a bad situation but, at the same time, play within the system."

You got a lot of time with the twos, today. Are they preparing you to get a lot of playing time in the game this weekend?

"I have to play. Luke (McCown) played an extensive amount last week. Now, it is my turn to go out and play. Like I said, missing last week, and not being able to play in the game, it is my turn to step in and get some reps out here in practice and to be able to go out there and run the system the way they want it."

When you see a guy have a solid game like Luke did, does that put a lot of pressure on you, when you have to sit and watch?

"No, it is what it is. At the same time, there is nothing you can do about it. I cannot put any more added pressure on myself. Luke did a great job, like I said. The only thing I can do is to go out and try my best to put my best foot forward."

Friday night, in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome is there anything specific you are looking forward to?

"I'm just excited to be inside. This is my first time being on turf in a while. I still remember the last time I played here. It was right before (Hurricane) Katrina, and we were one of the last teams to play here in the preseason when I was with Seattle. Hopefully, (it will be) a fast-paced game, and I am just excited about the opportunity."

New Orleans Saints Defensive End Cameron Jordan
Post-Practice Media Availability
August, 12, 2013

What have you seen from Jay Richardson and his versatility?

"He has definitely showed his versatility playing outside linebacker as well as defensive end. I like his versatility. I think it's very similar to mine except (that) he is a lot bigger."

That mentality of not being a regular in this league, that nothing is guaranteed and you have to earn that spot. How do you think Jay Richardson approaches that spot?

"I think he does well every day. I think he is just trying to find his role and doing whatever he can to make the team. That's what you like to see. He is definitely coming out every day with the right mentality."

How did you think the defensive line did during the game? [internal-link-placeholder-0]

"I am really excited about our d-line. We have an immense amount of talent in it. I think it's definitely raw but it's going to be fine by the time the season starts."

Is that kind of a glimpse of what we can see from this defense in that one particular series?

"I would definitely like to think so. We would like to make that more of a constant. That's what I am out here working for every day."

Can you talk about the play of Glenn Foster? It seems like he is stepping up in practice and made plays during the game.

"Without a doubt, Glenn is a great young player. For him to show during his first year the amount of talent that he has is very promising. Like I said, I am very excited for our d-line."

Tyrunn Walker is another one of those guys. What does he bring?

"Tyrunn is a second-year guy. He is young guy but he brings a lot of energy to the team and that's what we need. Between Me, Akiem (Hicks), Glenn (Foster), Tyrunn Walker, Brodrick Bunkley, and big dog from Georgia (John Jenkins), I think we are going to have a nice d-line this year."

How did it feel to go live in practice with the short yardage period?

"It was defiantly exciting for sure. To go live in a short yardage situation against Ben (Grubbs) and Jahri (Evans) and Brian de la Puente. It definitely gets real in the trenches and that's what we are here for. We do that dirty work."

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