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Champ Bailey: 'I'm not trying to prove anything,' The Advocate

[Bailey says Brees is a big reason why he's a Saint](WEDNESDAY, April 23 On Duty: Beth, Micah, Jim, Doug, Jimmie STORIES, TEAM TYREKE - Season wrap-up package with Tyreke Evans. Jim RATINGS – Ratings for Pelicans games on Fox Sports New Orleans experienced strong growth this season. Jim E. FACT – Fact of the Doug. Doug-Brian VIDEOS MONTY - Monty Part 2 One-on-one with Monty Williams. First of a three-part video series in which Monty breaks down the season, the bad breaks he's had to overcome, the future of the franchise and a little glimpse into his personal life. Sean Kelley handles the interview. RADIO REPORT – Sean hosts. David Wesley and Eric Haseltine (Grizzlies radio); Eric Allen on the jets draft; sound from Zach Strief interview. SOCIAL TWITTER – Monty Part 2; ratings story; Tyreke Evans package FACEBOOK – Monty part 2; Tyreke Evans package INSTAGRAM – Item posted: Who posted it: Time sent: GOOGLE - Item posted: Who posted it: Time sent: MARKETING EFFORTS PUSH – On the Monty video. Doug PHOTOS Nothing new TOP STORIES 1. Monty Williams video 2. 2. Tyreke Evans package. 3. AD, what's next package. 4. Season tickets. 5. Black and Blue Report. 6. Pelicans Nation. "Brees factor"),

Saints kicker ready for competition this offseason,

Mark Ingram unsure about contract option, increased role, The Advocate

Saints exercice 2015 option on ,

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