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New Orleans Saints linebacker Curtis Lofton supports Fuel Up to Play 60

Lofton partners with SUDIA and NFL Play 60

New Orleans Saints linebacker Curtis Lofton spent his off day supporting NFL Play 60 and SUDIA by participating in a photo and video shoot for "Fuel Up to Play 60."

SUDIA partners up with NFL Play 60 to support their initiative that focuses on fighting childhood obesity with the campaign "Fuel up to Play 60." It encourages children to make positive decisions in their food choices and to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

!Tackling childhood obesity is something that Lofton strongly believes in as he has previously partnered with SUDIA in their mission to help kids get fit.

"My thoughts on childhood obesity, it's something that has to stop," Lofton said. "I think Fuel Up to Play 60 is doing a great job at fighting that by providing great information for kids to eat healthy and not only eat healthy but get out and play games outside and be active. It's really starting to kick in and help kids."

Lofton eased the nerves of the kids with his humor throughout the event as they took photos with various dairy products and props, including a milk mustache. He also shot multiple public address announcements encouraging children to eat healthy and live an active lifestyle. 

To learn more about SUDIA and how to enroll in Fuel Up to Play 60, visit their website.

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