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New Orleans Saints fans share some of their gameday superstitions

Keeping the same wardrobe a popular tradition


We asked New Orleans Saints fans what their gameday superstitions are and boy did they respond. Here are a few of the rituals (click here to look at some of the photos) fans posted on Facebook:

**Sofia Grabert Viteaux** The hubby & I wear the same shirts all season (along with a fleur de lis necklace I wear). When we haven't, we lost. We wore new shirts last week for the playoffs, will be wearing them again tomorrow. May be silly but we're coonasses, it's what we do.

**Bobby Spencer** Lucky beard!! Grew a beard in 2009 and said I would cut it when they lose=13-0. Shaved it for grad school interview= lose to Dallas. Grow it back= win Super Bowl. The beard is back.

**Shawn Fontenot Yujuico** I wear a Saints shirt on game day and I always cook and/or eat Louisiana food WITH Louisiana ingredients (LA crawfish, shrimp, etc.) and considering I live in Dallas Cowboys country my trips to the grocery store on game day get pretty interesting. Lately, I get more Who Dats than What the Hells! America's team has a new address and it's not in Texas!

**Tiffany Yates** My ritual is a prayer for Drew Brees' safety and our boys and a shot of Jameson for every red zone drive. Once they score I do a lap around the block. Every time, every game.

**Natasha Serrano** me and my daughter wear our saints gear i have a blessed saint francis rosary i wrap around my left hand the entire game i cross my fingers on every 4th down and i pray hail mary's everytime we get the ball back

**Pamela Bermond** I put on my black and gold. Had Popeyes and a green Gatorade!

**Karen Donaldson Butler** My daughter wears her Drew Brees jersey and I wear my Saints shirts when watch the game, eat popcorn out of our Saints popcorn bowl, and drink from the same Saints cups every game. If it is a night game and she has school the next day (3rd grader,) she sleeps in her Drew Brees jersey. She also has a little Saints Christmas tree that she calls the tree of power, her Gumbo pillow pet and her bear that has a Saints uniform. If they are playing bad, she will check everything that she always puts out to make sure that it's not our fault.

**Tonia GrumpyMama Elliott** My wife and I hear all Saints gear, my beanie, jackets, jerseys, banner is displayed on the wall, rub the sign on intense plays for good luck. Each TD play young yang twins song...ok ok ok ok yah!!

**Lynda Church Gaber** We have a saints alter with Veronica our voodoo doll. We have Fleur de Lys (plural for Fleur de Lis) that we change at each quarter. We wear the same outfits each week. We light the St. Jude candle. I kiss the bottle of Holy Water from Lourdes,and the dog wears his Saints jersey. i pray the same prayer every week at church.

I cook something Cajun, wear one of my Saints shirts, light my Drew Brees prayer candle, and play at least one winning game of Solitaire on the phone. Remember, it's not weird if it works. And thank God, Popeye's got taken care of...

**Kristy Crowell** I start off the game with all my dogs in their JERSEYS and if things don't feel good meaning their mojo isn't right before GAMETIME; I take their Jerseys off bc we will lose - why? dogs have a sixth sense! An hour before the game I become DJ KC and mix some dance music - especially the Saints songs, hip hop, rap, Timber, Roar, etc. and of course MARIE LAVEAUX - I then have this special dip mixed up its a spicy Mexican mañana flavor served with Fritos - I wear my SAINTS wardrobe and yes, even my VS First Down black and gold LUCKY panties - LASTLY, I have to do like LANCE MOORE and place a "WHO DAT" strip under my left eye - LIKE THEY SAY: If it works it's not weird !!

**Roye Boatner Matherne** My routine - if I am not at the game, I HAVE to be at home folding clothes while watching the game. When I change it up.. Things don't go our way.

Not to fret my fellow Who Dats.. I have piles upon piles of laundry to fold today..

**Katelyn Mullins** I have to sit in the same position for the entire game. Once I move, they start making mistakes. My legs fall asleep and my butt starts hurting but it's worth it!!!

B**rian St Thomas** My curio cabinet has nothing but saints memorabilia in it, but if I turn the light on to display it, they lose. Believe me, the light will be off and cord un-plugged from wall. Wearing my colston jersey has proven to be good luck, will have it on all day Saturday. We're golden now!!

**Deanna Terry Nicholas** We only watch the game at our house with our two black cats named Bressy & Who Dat. If one of the cats leaves the room we must go get them when we have the ball. And we don't answer our phones the entire game. Its only weird if it doesn't work! WHO DAT NATION

**Cindy Roberts Hemingway** Cook our Saints Meal, wear my Brees Superbowl Jersey, do makeup with fleur de lis on my face, Wear Saints jewelry, Saints Crocs, and fleur de lis scarf & yell for the back & gold! Whodat!!!

**Kevin Luysterborghs** Mandatory to have on game day jersey. If they're in white, I'm in white. If they're in black I'm in black.

**Natalie Ruisi** Well before every game I have to play the saints song get up out ya seat, I then I have my jeresy I have to wear along with my beads, I also have special saints earring I have to wear, and I shake my beads on third downs. #saintssuperstitions hard core

**Charity Rhodes Taylor** I wear my old Pierre Thomas jersey EVERY game.....Been wearing it since we won the superbowl!

**Vanessa Stokes** I wear my Saints slippers for every game, sit in the exact same spot on my bed... only get up during commercials... and I also say some stuff that I can't

**Phillip Trittel** For the win my dog can only wear his bandana, I wear my Brees jersey and Saints cap and my wife wears her Sproles tee. I have it down to a science and will not deviate.

**Frank Landry** Never say the opponents name the day of the game. Neversay anything bad about the opponent the week of the game. Wear my jersey only at game time. Wash it immediately after a loss, to get rid of the bad juju!

V**ictor Bariteau** I stand up and rock on my feet like I'm going to dive at the quarterback through the TV when our defense is playing. I sit down when our offense is playing.

**Susan Brock** I drink my morning coffee out of my Saints mug, wear my Saints Superbowl championship shirt, make jambalaya and my cat Nola Breeds sits next to me during the game... I do what I can do!

**Lyn Collina** I wear Two Saints shirts, plus Mardis Gras beads. One from the Super Bowl in 2009 and a new on. I burn a black, white or gold candle and make a gumbo. Then the MOST important part. I PRAY for them.

**Carrie Burns** I wear my Brees jersey every game... no wash all year. I wear my away Brees jersey for each away game, no wash all year either. I also wear the same pants, socks, shoes, jewelry, Saints hat, etc for every single game. I even wear my hair and make up the exact same way.... Some call me crazy, others call me dedicated. (As I live in Chicago. )

I also go to the same BDubs for every game, sit in the same seat. For every T.D. scored, I buy everyone a shot, even though I don't drink.

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