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New Orleans Saints fans describe the struggle of the offseason

New Orleans Saints fans tweeted examples of #SaintsFansOffseasonStruggle on Sunday

The offseason can be a struggle for New Orleans Saints fans.

There are 209 days between the end of the 2013 Saints season and the team's 2014 preseason opener.

On Sunday, the @Saints encouraged fans to tweet their struggles of the offseason. Below is a collection of #SaintsFansOffseasonStruggle tweets:

Reply with your #SaintsFansOffseasonStruggle and we will RT our favorites! — New Orleans Saints (@Saints) June 8, 2014

@Saints yelling Who Dat uncontrollably! #SaintsFansOffseasonStruggle — Julia Joseph (@JuliaJfootball) June 8, 2014

@Saints I'm doing the unthinkable - cleaning my garage on a Sunday #SaintsFansOffseasonStruggle — eggheadwhodat (@eggheadwhodat) June 8, 2014

@Saints Deciding which Saint to take first in your fantasy draft. It's like picking your favorite kid. #SaintsFansOffseasonStruggle — Iowa Who Dats (@IowaWhoDats) June 8, 2014

@Saints not being able to go welcome the team back from the airport after an away game  #SaintsFansOffseasonStruggle — ⚜Megan⚜ (@lilmisswhodat23) June 8, 2014

@Saints Getting excited on Sunday mornings...then you realize it's off season.#SaintsFansOffseasonStruggleSHANSHAN14 (@SHANshan2012) June 8, 2014

@Saints Realizing I have absolutely nothing to contribute to social media without a game day!! #SaintsFansOffseasonStruggle — Ginny Daily (@ginnydaily) June 8, 2014

@Saints realizing that sunday bbq pits and crawfish boiling pots are missing an ingredient, SAINTS GAME!! #SaintsFansOffseasonStruggles — Emmanuel Lewis (@shoepick22) June 8, 2014

@Saints having Sunday off work and not having anything to look forward to! #Saintsfanoffseasonstruggle — Christal Glattfelder (@Lady_SoulPunk) June 8, 2014

I finally have a Sunday off and of course it is the off season. @Saints #SaintsFansOffseasonStruggle — James Shafer (@XJamesXEdgeX) June 8, 2014

@Saints not having ANYTHING to do on Sundays. So you waist your day away on Netflix #SaintsFansOffseasonStruggle — WHO DAT NATION (@ZarahBrees) June 8, 2014

@Saints taking a long nap, hoping to wake up and it will be football season again.#SaintsFansOffSeasonStruggle — Mel (@mellie4) June 8, 2014

@Saints responding to all questions of "who?" with "dat!" just to be able to shout it. #SaintsFansOffseasonStruggle — Maya Golden (@Maya_Golden) June 8, 2014

@Saints needing a tv channel dedicated to just the @Saints so fans could just watch games. We need football #SaintsFansOffSeasonStruggle — Nicole Landry (@nicole370) June 8, 2014

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