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New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton talks about loss to Seahawks

What Sean Payton had to say following 34-7 defeat

Coach Sean Payton's thoughts on the game:

"Obviously, it's a difficult loss. We didn't do a lot of things well in that game. We'll have to come back on a short week now and get ready to play another real good football team at home on Sunday. We have to do a better job as coaches, starting with me. There are too many things that we didn't do or do well enough, to give ourselves the opportunity to win. Credit Seattle, they made the plays they needed to and they were certainly the better team tonight."

Do you immediately put this game behind you and get ready for Sunday:

"Yeah, as best you can. It takes a little bit of time but I think the key is the short schedule. Coming off a game like this, we'll be sure to get the corrections made. There's a lot to look at obviously. There are a lot of things that we didn't do well. So we need to move on to it."

Did you think the worst when Seattle scored that early touchdown on the fumble:

"Hypothetically, obviously those are plays that swing games but we had opportunities. We felt like we had some opportunities late in the second quarter. We got the score but we just didn't do enough offensively. We certainly didn't do enough in converting third downs and staying on the field. Defensively we had problems stopping them (Seattle) in the first half. In the kicking game, I thought that we were below average as well."

How big a factor was the crowd noise:

"The first play of the game was a run that went the other direction. Not everyone obviously got the redirect. The noise impacts certain plays. I don't know if that was the difference tonight. It can be the difference on third down. It can certainly be the difference when it comes to protection but I don't if I would point to that tonight nor would you point to the weather, really. With everything we prepared and heard about, it ended up being a pretty clear evening."

What went wrong out of the norm for your offense tonight:

"We'll look at the tape but we had trouble rushing the football. We had trouble protecting the passer, getting guys open. We didn't do enough things in any one area. So we didn't do a good enough job coaching and certainly didn't give our guys a chance to make plays. We got beat, we got beat good tonight, so it's tough."

How effective was Russell Wilson in using his legs to extend plays:

"I thought he made a number of plays obviously off of play action. He is a tough sack and he has got quick feet. He played well."

Are you worried your team will mull over this loss too long:

"One of the things that we discussed was just the quick turnaround. It's a set back and now your on a short week but we have to make the corrections. We can't just say it didn't happen. But that being said, we have to quickly get focused on Carolina. They're playing as good football as anybody in the league right now. So we'll do that."

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