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New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton talks about injuries to Joe Morgan, Kenyon Coleman

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton's post-practice media availability Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013

Opening statement:

"Just a few notes on injuries. I wanted to get back to you on Joe Morgan. Two things: meniscus tear and he'll have that repaired, and also an ACL repair. It's not a full ACL but this will be season-ending for him. Obviously that is significant and that surgery is being done today. Kenyon Coleman has got a pectoral tear. He's going to have surgery most likely tomorrow and most likely that will be season-ending for him as well. So there's two players that are significant. Obviously they are losses, and we have to find some guys to step up and take their spot. Today was more work in the two-minute and more red zone and third down situations."

Can you go into a little bit more depth on the wide receiver situation going into these preseason games?

"We're going to have a chance to watch a lot of young guys get a lot of work. I think that's pretty obvious, so we'll see how they do. We have enough numbers here and they're going to get plenty of work even with the first and second group."

Do you see Patrick Robinson as staying outside or more in the slot?

"Right now we are trying to get him back into the fold on the outside. He is someone who we feel like can go inside. But I think just starting off, this week especially, we're bringing he and Marques (Colston) along and just monitoring the snaps they're receiving. But in Patrick's case, it has been outside."

What did you see in Steve Breaston to bring him in?

"He's someone who has experience. His workout was good. He seemed like he was in good shape. There's a learning curve for him because the system is a little different. We had brought a couple of guys in, so we'll see how quickly he can acclimate himself. He'll have a challenge this week just trying to get up to speed to play on Friday.

His skill set is a little different than that of Joe Morgan, correct?

"Yes, to some degree. He is a guy that can play inside, he's a guy that can run. He's been a nickel receiver at Arizona and at Kansas City, so we'll see how he fits into our system."

A couple of guys who went out today, was that heat related?

"Yeah some had some pulls, some had some muscle tightness. We just sat them down and obviously didn't want to press the issue with them."

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