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Mike McCarthy, Packers players talk about loss to the Saints

Postgame quotes from Packers coach Mike McCarthy and players on Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014


"Obviously, a very disappointing loss for our football team. Congratulations to the Saints; they were obviously the better team tonight. At the beginning of the game offensively, we came in and were able to execute our game plan. We had the two penalties in the red zone that were negatives and obviously the two drops in the end zone and the two turnovers."

"Defensively, we stopped them on the fourth down, and other than that, we didn't make them punt. They ran it and they threw it. That's the second game we've been involved in where each punter didn't play. Not a whole lot of defensive play tonight; a lot of offense."

(on David Hawthorne interception in third quarter) "That's a big swing; that's a 14-point swing. He catches the ball, we score seven, and they turn the turnover into a touchdown."

(on Aaron Rodgers) "He hurt his hamstring on the scramble (on Green Bay's first possession of the third quarter). I think it's obvious the way we played from that point on. I thought about it long term here as we discussed his injury. He stuck it out and also scored on a scramble. I thought he played smart."

(on communication issues) "I thought offensively, we handled the crowd noise. This is a tough place to play. The crowd was phenomenal. Big stage. It wasn't an issue."

(on penalties) "We're the second-least penalized team in the league. The Saints are third coming into the game. We definitely had penalties go against us in an untimely fashion."

(on both defenses) "I don't think they slowed us down at all offensively. We dropped the ball that was an interception. I don't think a whole lot of defense was played here tonight, but they got the turnovers. You win the turnover ratio, you have a good chance of winning games. We have to be a football team that does more than ... rely on winning the turnover ratio to win games."


"There weren't really a lot of options after it (tweaked his hamstring) happened. I could still move around great and lead the offense. If it had been a real determent to me hurting it more then I would've asked Coach (McCarthy) to take me out, but I felt I could still go."

"We have three field goals and then a turnover in the red zone – and that's very uncharacteristic of our team and for myself. Taking points off the board is tough. I mean we had three scoring drives and had to settle for field goals and that's not going to get it done."

"They (Saints) were rushing four and putting a lot of pressure on us so we had some opportunities to run some screens and I thought they came off well. The line got out there in front and gave Eddie (Lacy) a chance to catch the ball and run and get some positive yards. We've been working on that since training camp – getting him more involved in the passing game. He didn't have a ton of rushing yards tonight but he made a big impact in the passing game."

"It's disappointing for us. They (Saints) are better than their record – they are 3-0 at home and they haven't won on the road yet but they are a good football team. Obviously they have a great quarterback and we would've had to score 45 (points) to win tonight. And we could have, if we did a better job taking care of the football and scoring touchdowns in the red zone . But we will regroup now and take a week off. We have five of eight down the stretch at home and we expect to win those games whenever we play at home. And we have three road games, and a couple of them will be cold weather, so we have the potential of seven out of eight cold weather games and that's when we seem to play our best."


(on returning to New Orleans area) "It's always great to come back home and play a game. But I wasn't happy with the result; we're a much better football team than that."

"We started the game real good, but then we had some turnovers and that can't happen. It's how you respond and that's something we didn't do a great job doing. It's a real long season and we can't let the outcome from today affect us for the rest of the year."


"Obviously it was a tale of two halves. At halftime it was a zero to zero affair but then we went out in the second half and just gave up way too many big plays. That was tough to overcome and then you throw in some penalties and we have to live with the result."

"We came down here to get the victory and that didn't happen. So now, looking into a bye week, we're going to have this loss sit with you and learn from it. We have a long way to go in the season and we have to keep things positive as we get ready for the second half of the year."


"It's not what we expected. This game was real disappointing for us. But it happens. We know they got hot and put up a lot of points and that happens. Now we have to look at the film and learn from it and just get better in those areas where we were short tonight."

"I don't think our defense took a step back tonight. I mean, things look like they are happening real fast and the other team is scoring a lot and we can't control that. What's important right now is how we respond, and I am sure we will do that after the bye week."

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