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Marvin Lewis, Bengals players talk about win over Saints

Postgame quotes from Bengals coach Marvin Lewis and players on Sunday, November 16, 2014

Photos from the New Orleans Saints vs Cincinnati Bengals game on Sunday, November 16, 2014 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Photos by Micheal C. Hebert. (New Orleans Saints photos)


"There's no doubt I am proud of our effort today. I'm proud of our execution and our preparation leading up to the game this week. We came out here ready to play and it showed up out there on the field today. Most important, I'm proud of our attention to detail out there today, and that was big. It was a good day for us. Now we've got to pack up and look forward to next week and let's get ready to do it again."

(on Andy Dalton's performance) "We know what we have in Andy Dalton. Day in and day out, we've noticed that he generally is able to put things behind him and move forward. He did a good job with that today.

(on bouncing back after last week) "Just dedication to what we have to do, learning from our mistakes and understanding what we have to do. We've got to seize the moment and keep doing it. At this point in the year, this was the football we were going to have to play. Regardless of what happened in the past, we don't get anything for it. We've got to move forward.

(on goal line stand in second quarter) "Obviously, any time you can keep a touchdown off the board against this (Saints) offense, that's a big swing. We had the penalty, it's going to be third down and 7 or 8, then we've got to stop them again. A great job by the guys of doing it.

(on Rey Maualuga returning from injury) "I thought Rey would come back and really help us with his presence and his play mentally and physically. He did a great job today."

(on defensive effort) "We let Graham catch a couple of those third downs. We didn't execute (very) good on third downs. That was the key to their drives is being able to keep the ball moving on third downs. Early in the game when we needed to, we played good run defense."

(on A.J. Green) "A.J. had the (offensive pass interference), which is a foul. He made big plays coming back and we've got to keep doing that. He had a couple of balls off his hands. The quarterback was very accurate today."

(on Jeremy Hill) "Jeremy is such a tough runner. As he keeps going and just becomes a Bengal and just plays football, he'll only be more and more impressive. He's got a lot of ability - he's strong, he can cut and run, he's got great speed, great vision and can catch the football. He's a very complete player. As a young guy, he's showing a lot right now. We've got to feel good about that."

(on Hill's run at end of first half) "I was surprised there was only one second left. I thought there would be enough time but I'm glad we were able to save one second. When I saw him cut and make the guy miss, it was off to the races and I'm trying to beat Jeremy down to the official (to call time out)."


"We had a very good week of practice. We knew that if we came out and played like we've been practicing, good things were going to happen. So, that's the way this league is – it's so week-to-week. We've just got to take one game at a time. This is a big win for us on the road."

"It all counts at one. We put last week's game behind us, and now we know (going into Sunday) we have seven games left. Regardless of what everyone else does, as long as we take care of our own business over these next seven games we'll put ourselves in a good position. This is one, we've got six more games to go."

"I think we wanted to come out and start fast – that was one of our goals. And to score on the very first drive was huge. That was really big for us. We felt we sat around a lot after that because they (Saints) had a few long drives. But our offense had a lot of energy and we just kept going."

(on Jeremy Hill's performance) "He's going really well. I think, for him, he's been able to be featured a little bit more since Gio (Bernard)'s been out, and he's made some big plays. Even that one play right before the half, that was a big run and it gave us points. We've just got to keep his progression going and he's done a real good ssjob."

(on A.J. Green) "A.J.'s been saying if we can get him singled up, he's going to make plays and that's what we were able to do on that drive. I think A.J.'s so talented he's going to make plays for us and it was real big to get him going. Coming back from injury for him it's going to take a little while to get back to speed. We had really good rhythm going out there today and that's why we were able to make some big plays."

"Like I said: you lose and everyone wants to run you out. And when you win everybody's going to like you. You know, I'm not too worried about that. It was a big win for us, so, it's good to bounce back and get a big win on the road."


"Especially after last week and the way we played, I just knew what we were capable of. We did a great job of bouncing back real quick by playing well at the very start and I thought that was the key to the game."

"I thought a big factor was converting on third downs and keeping Drew (Brees) off the field. We know what kind of quarterback he is. So for us to hold onto the ball and score touchdowns and keep him off the field was huge and led us to victory today."

(on returning to Louisiana) "It was big for me, coming back home - it was a terrific feeling. Actually it was my first time playing here. And I watched tons of Saints games here and I've watched LSU play here before, and I watched national championship games in here as a kid growing up so it was a great opportunity to play and a big honor for me. I had a lot of families and friends here out of high school and college teammates so it was good and a big win for us."

"Obviously it was a big game for me, to perform out there; and especially huge because of how we played last week and the way we played last week. We knew we had a lot of doubters looking at us after how we played last week so what we had to do is go out there and play Bengal football and that's what we did today."

(on 62-yard run at end of first half) "I wasn't surprised how big the hole was – as a matter of fact I had a chance to make a big run on the play before. I knew I had all of their defensive players playing up on the box, and once I got through to the secondary it was just up to me to make a play and then I got down quickly enough for us to kick a field goal and to give us three points before the half."


(on review following his touchdown) "Yeah, I knew I got my foot down. I knew I had my back foot down on the ground right when I caught the pass and then I made sure to hit the ground again with the other foot just to make sure I scored."

(on Andy Dalton) "We have his back, no matter what. We respect him as our quarterback. Like I said, last week we didn't play great, he didn't play great, and hey I didn't play great. You can't put all the blame on the quarterback when things don't go well. As wide receivers we all have to run better routes – myself included. Last week I didn't do a great job, but like I said we all have to be accountable and come back out the next week and play a whole lot better and that's what we were able to do today."


(on Jeremy Hill) "He is big and athletic and tough to tackle. I think, and like I said before, I think he's going to become a great running back. He's continuing to run in between his pads and that's why he's running well. When you look at some of the better backs in the league, they don't try to cut and dance around a lot. It seems to me that the more he puts his head down and plays straight ahead, he'll be okay. He has the unique ability as a back to be real physical and athletic and that's a rare combination."


(on defense today) "We didn't give up any deep balls. That's the key to our defense. When you look at how we try to control things on defense we make sure we try to check the ball down. And I think we did a great job of doing that today. And our guys up front did a great job of applying pressure on Drew (Brees) and collapsing the pocket."

"We feel we can win every week. It's the NFL, man – you are going to have weeks like we did last week. For the most part, and this is what Coach (Marvin) Lewis said to us, we've got to keep playing our type of football so at the end of November and into December we'll get into this (divisional) race and play well; especially when we get everyone back healthy."

(on stopping Saints offense) "They have a good offense, but we played better today and that's why we got the win."

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