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Marc Trestman discusses loss to New Orleans Saints

Transcript of Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman's postgame press conference on Monday, Dec. 15, 2014

Opening Statement

"Certainly three disappointing weeks and tonight was no different. I thought, defensively, our guys really gave everything they had tonight. They were just on the field too long. Offensively we had three turnovers but we were able to hold them to three points to my recollection. But I thought we finished the game and played as hard as we could. As I said, offensively, we didn't play well – you know that. We were very inconsistent. We had no passing game. We had seven sacks. Certainly, not even close to being an offense that could compete through four quarters, although we finished the game. Special teams- wise, the penalties hurt us. I thought Marc (Mariani) did a good job. Certainly, on the fake punt, having 10 guys – that fell on me. I'll take responsibility for that. Overall, not good enough obviously."

On what happened during the fake punt play with 10 players (versus 11 players)
"I'm not going to go through the litany of all that. You have a right to ask the question, but it's really simple. We should have had 11 players, but we had 10. I'm responsible for that."

On the impact of the distractions over the past week on the offense

"None, based on everything I saw during the week. Excellent work during the week, energy, meetings were all good. Absolutely none."

On whether there was a protection issue tonight

"I'm not going to go through all of that. We had 7 sacks. Again, I will be more specific at another time if I can be. But certainly, we didn't protect the way we need to protect, not just on the deeper drops but on the quick game as well. It was an all-out, complete effort in terms of (pauses)...... effort is the wrong word. We were not in unison tonight collectively on the offensive side of the ball. And it starts with me."

On whether Jay Cutler was off his game tonight

"I was off my game. Our entire group was off their game tonight. To be any more specific, now would not be the right time to do that, relative to all the different things that happened tonight offensively. We were 2-for-10 on third down. We didn't have any kind of consistency. We had really no kind of passing game early in the game, for the first half. It was certainly not good enough. That's all there is to it."

On whether the issues are planning, execution or lack of communication

"There's no lack of communication between our coaches and players. It's just – we are all working together and not getting it done. There's a lot of different ways to answer that question, but the bottom line is we are not getting it done. It starts with me. It's been inconsistent throughout the year. We haven't been able to get it right yet. The one thing we have is two more games and we are going to try to get better. That will start on Thursday."

On his emotions right now

"It's disappointing. There's a lot of good things going on with our football team, but the bottom line is that we aren't winning. There's a lot of guys working hard. There's a bunch of guys getting better. We are developing young guys. But the bottom line is that this is a business based on winning and

losing. We can't sugarcoat it. We are disappointed that we're not playing well enough to win and we haven't in the last three games."

On whether the Saints defense showed them anything different tonight

"There's nothing that they showed us that we haven't seen or practiced against."

On his decisions to punt on 4th and long and mix in running plays

"At the time, we made decisions based on what we thought we had. We hadn't had a fourth down in forever and we didn't want to put our defense back on the field in that predicament. We did the best we could trying to finish the game and make things happen. We got a couple of scores but it was too late."

On what he saw during the first interception

"I really couldn't say right now. I wouldn't have all the information to be able to answer that question."

On whether there are off-field issues impacting the on-field performance

"The only thing I can say is that what's going on outside the building is not going on inside the building on a day-to-day basis. That's my sense, based on the community of guys in our locker room, our meeting rooms and on the field. I stand by that. But we're certainly not making that transition to games the last three weeks. What's going on inside – I've been trying to be as honest and straightforward with this group as I possibly can. These guys are doing everything we are asking them to do and there is enthusiasm and energy in the room. They go back to work each and every week and they are led by a bunch of thirty-something players that have shown them a way, how to do it the right, way to do it over the course of the week. It's not translating into wins the last three weeks and we acknowledge that. We're not getting it done on game day."

On his explanation for not looking competitive during games

"Everybody has their own opinion. We're not playing well enough to win in all three phases."

On how they compensated for Brandon Marshall's absence

"We tried to work the other guys into the game plan as much as we could. We didn't do a very good job."

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