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Kreutz: "I am Happy to be With a Great Team"

Six-Time Pro Bowler talks about his first two practices with the Saints

New Orleans Saints C Olin Kreutz Media Availability Transcript, 8/6/11

Can you discuss the opportunity here?

"It's a great team, I'm happy to be here. The opportunity is to win a Super Bowl. That's the kind of team they've built, and I'm excited to be a part of it."

The Saints seem to be in kind of in a 'win now' mode. They know the window is always small when it comes to a chance to compete for a championship. Do you feel that?

"Just from being around them for two days, it feels like they're always in a 'win now' mode. I don't know Coach Payton that well yet, but I feel like he always wants to win, no matter what year it is."

At this point in your career, are these the kind of teams you would prefer to play for?

"Yes, Drew Brees is a top quarterback. The two guards (Jahri Evans and Carl Nicks) are probably the best guard combination in the NFL, if not the top two guards in the NFL. So, if you're a center, it's a great job."

Coach Payton talked about you passing on more money to come with this team. A lot of guys don't do that; it's about the big contract. But to you, it seems to be about finding the right fit and the right team, and not so much about the money?

"Well I'm going into my 14th year, so money wasn't really important to me. It was about finding the right fit, and this is the right fit."

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