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Kasay: "I am Blessed to be Here"

21-year veteran kicker talks about coming to New Orleans.

New Orleans Saints K John Kasay's Post-Practice Press Conference
Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How different is it for you to be in a Saints uniform?
"It's a big change. I spent a lot of years in Charlotte but this is a great opportunity and I am very grateful for the chance."

You won some games in the Superdome during your time with the Panthers…
"We have had some success for sure but we have lost our fair share too."

How does it feel to play for such a veteran team?
"It's a real blessing. This is a very talented team. To have the opportunity to watch practice today to see the tempo that they use, their attention to detail, the things that they do…there is the making for a good year."

What do you believe your role here will be?
"My job hasn't changed and this is my 21st year. I have to take the ball and put it between those two yellow posts. That's my job."

What have you been doing since leaving the Panthers?
"I have been out of (the NFL) for a month and it gives you an opportunity to reflect on the opportunities that you have had. I am still blessed to be able to do the same thing I was doing when I was a little boy. It's a privilege to be here."

You have had a lot of success against New Orleans, what would you credit that to?
"Having a good snapper, a good holder and another nine guys in front of you blocking. That's pretty conducive for success."

Did you have any other opportunities available?
"There are always different situations. (NFL) kickers have done a very good job this preseason. That's a testament to how hard those guys are working. This is a good situation and I am very pleased to be here."

When you left the Panthers, did you think that was the end of your career?
"I don't know. This came together obviously very quickly based on what happened to Garrett (Hartley). That's just the nature of the league. I am married. I have four children and school started last week. I was back-to-school-night last night. That's how fast life changes."

Were you looking at any other opportunities besides New Orleans?
"It depends on what that looks like. I went out and continued to train and kick in case I did a call. If I did, great and if I didn't then it was time to go on. I consider this a real privilege."

Where would you say you are at this stage in your career?
"I am not as young as I use to be. I am not fooling anybody with that but there have been a handful of guys who have done very well playing into their 40's. Morten Anderson, John Carney, Gary Anderson, Matt Stover, Jason Hanson. It's a privilege to be able to play and to do the same thing I was doing as a kid."

Did you ever think you would play for this long?
"No, I can't run, I can't throw, I can't catch, I can't block and I can't tackle and this is my 21st year in the NFL. I am pretty blessed."

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