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John DeShazier's New Orleans Saints Mailbag senior writer tackles your questions

The Saints will don throwback uniforms for Week 13 as part of the team's 50th Season celebration.

Another week means another edition of Mailbag. Enjoy, and keep the questions coming:

‏@dtlee11: What's the deal with Brandin Cooksreally?

JD: OK. Here's the deal, just between us: He's ticked. He wants to be targeted 10 times a game and if the Saints won't, he wants to be traded to a team that will by next Tuesday. And he wants a raise. And he's upset with Michaelbecause Michael's getting a little too much shine, but he's also side-eyeing Williebecause Willie made  moves on his girlfriend, and the girlfriend is pregnant but she doesn't know who the father is, and he knows this dark secret about Drewthat he can use to force Drew to throw more in his direction, or push Drew to leave town because it would ruin Drew's life, and all of that may or may not be true because he has an evil twin that he doesn't know exists – because Drandinwas given up for adoption and grew up in an orphanage and, after learning he had a twin that had an NFL career ahead of him, vowed to do everything he could to take Brandin down, so the lookalike planted the story after he knocked out Brandin, tied him up and left him locked in a trunk until a neighbor heard the kicking and called 911 on Monday afternoon. OR… Cooks is competitive, and he was a little frustrated that he felt like he didn't make a major contribution to Sunday's win over the Rams. Which – soap-operatic twists aside – isn't a negative because it sounds like it didn't root in selfishness. Check out his interview from Thursday on (if you haven't already seen it), and he explains it much better than I can. And take no offense to the lead-in; every now and then, I can't help myself.

‏@DATWHODAT48: Can Drew Breeskeep all the Saints receivers happy?

JD: No, not each and every week. And that's not a bad thing. What that means is, even though the group is productive collectively and even when the team wins, the individual player is competitive and wants to have made an impact on the victory during the game. It doesn't mean he's selfish, disgruntled, aching to be traded or peeved over the entirety of his role. It just means that, in a given week and against a certain opponent, a receiver (or several receivers) weren't happy that he (or they) didn't get touches and didn't impact the game in the manner he (or they) had hoped to. These guys work extremely hard preparing for games, and there are only 16 of them in the regular season. So they want to leave a positive mark each and every time. And here's the thing: Sometimes, even on a monster day, a receiver totally might not be satisfied because there always are plays and yards that are left on the field (if you hear them say they left some meat on the bone, that's what they're talking about). Again, it's not a bad thing to have guys who care and believe that they can impact the game with the ball in their hands.

@PHANoble357: When will the Saints retire Rickey Jackson'snumber? This is long overdue.

JD: NFL teams have gotten out of the business of retiring jerseys, due to the simple fact that it possibly could become problematic in the future. For instance, if the Saints begin retiring numbers, and 30 years from now all of the numbers between 1 and 19 are retired, what number does the quarterback wear? So, what the Saints do – what every team probably does now – instead of retiring numbers, is induct players into their Ring of Honor. That induction is just as exclusive as a retired number, and much less problematic in the future. Jackson, Archie Manning, Willie Roafand Morten Andersencurrently are the members of the Saints' Ring of Honor.

‏@ShrekCityUHC: I'm going to the Buccaneers-Saints game on Dec. 24. Do you think the Saints will still have playoff hopes then?

JD: Yep. (You didn't expect me to say otherwise, did you?) They're two games out of first place with five remaining. They have to keep winning, and maybe get a little help.

‏@NoLimitsSoGreat: Will Mark Ingramplay Sunday against Detroit?

JD: I'm no doctor, and I didn't sleep at a Holiday Inn Select last night. The injury report has him listed as questionable (uncertain if player will play) with a toe injury on Wednesday and Thursday. He didn't practice either day. I'm not sure what else there is to add to that, except that it could be a game-time decision.

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