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John DeShazier's New Orleans Saints Mailbag

Senior writer for tackles your questions

Mailbag time, and it's not quite as heavy this week as it has been in some others. No problem, heavy or light, we're here to provide answers to your questions. Let's go:

‏@SaintzBoiiiii: Why do the Saints keep losing?

JD: The simple answer? The opponent plays better on that day. Now, that could mean that the opponent doesn't turn over the ball and the Saints do; or the opponent doesn't commit as many penalties as the Saints do; or the Saints' offense struggles on a given day (that happens); or the defense doesn't get enough third-down stops; or the special teams has a breakdown or two. It's a fairly complex question that has tentacles in terms of answers. When the team plays well in all three phases, that usually is enough to win and when it has a breakdown in one or more unit, the results are a lot more uneven. As Coach Sean Paytonhas said several times, the current Saints team just isn't potent enough to overcome some of the mistakes it has made, which is why the staff and players constantly are working to eliminate the mistakes that are keeping them from winning.

@montel_taylor: Why do we have one of the best offenses in the league, and are 2-4?

JD: Football is a team sport. So, just because the offense or defense is efficient, doesn't guarantee success. In the Saints' case the last few years, the defense has allowed points and yards at a rate that matches, or exceeds, the rate that the Saints' offense has produced. But during that time, there also have been games where the defense has held its own and the offense has struggled to reach the end zone. And, too, there have been instances when the offense and defense have produced, and a special team breakdown has been significant. The best teams play good complimentary football, and that's what the Saints consistently are looking to do.

‏@Iitoxity: Who do you think is the best wide receiver for the Saints right now?

JD: All due respect to Willie Snead IVand Michael Thomas, my personal choice if Brandin Cooks. I know that there are games when the wealth is spread and right now, Thomas is on a roll. But I think that what Cooks does makes life easier for the other receivers and I think that he's the one that opponents most want to take away. Again, it's kind of a personal preference and I know that presently, Thomas has the team-leading numbers and league-leading numbers as a rookie. It's kind of like trying to pick your favorite food; several options are appealing because of their separate appeals.

‏@SlDEWAYS: How well do you think the Saints will do against the Seahawks?

JD: The Saints have played five games that have been decided by one score, and three of their losses have been by six points or less. So I think this game will follow that trend and will be close, and I think the home field will be a big boost for New Orleans (the last three times the Saints have played Seattle have been road games). It's not a "revenge" game or anything like that; probably, most of these players weren't Saints the last time the team played the Seahawks, in 2013. It's a game the Saints need, they've played well offensively at home, and I think their strength (offense) will be a little better Sunday than Seattle's strength (defense).

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