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John DeShazier: Quick takes on Coach Sean Payton's teleconference

He announced decision to put P.J. Williams on IR

A few quick takes from Coach Sean Payton'sThursday teleconference:

  1. The encouraging news is that cornerback P.J. Williamsis expected to make a full recovery. However, Payton said that Williams' concussion was a severe one. Williams was placed on injured reserve Wednesday; the Saints signed offensive lineman Tony Hills. "It's a concussion and yet, it's one significant enough that you wouldn't really see on a normal basis," Payton said. "He'll be able to make a full recovery, he'll be able to return to football in the offseason. And yet, I would say probably, one of the more severe concussions that I've seen. And it's not measured by just on the field. There are a series of tests that they do where they're able to determine how much trauma in the event, and his is one where the rest and recovery is going to be necessary. All the experts (can) really take a peek at the different slides and scans, and so that made the decision to put him on IR an easy one." Williams was unconscious for a "longer period of time than normal, compared to what we've seen or what we're a little bit more used to seeing," but he was breathing properly. Williams was at Saints facility Wednesday morning for breakfast. Williams' injury means the Saints currently are without the two starters who opened the regular season (Delvin Breauxbeing the other, due to return later this season from a broken fibula) and a backup who was expected to play a big role (Damian Swann, injured reserve), plus a starter from last year (Keenan Lewis, released). The three remaining cornerbacks who have played the most snaps this season – Ken Crawley, De'Vante Harrisand Sterling Moore– weren't with the team last season.
  1. Injuries or not, Payton said the defense will adjust to what the remaining cornerbacks do well. "You're preparing the guys that are getting ready to play, and you're always mindful of what are the strengths that are in the gameplan, and trying to tailor the gameplan around what they do well."
  1. Linebacker Craig Robertsonhas proven to be a significant free agent signee for the Saints defense, starting the first two games in part due to an injury to Dannell Ellerbe. His snaps may decrease once Ellerbe returns, but Robertson will remain a vital piece. "We've got a handful of packages, we'll be smart on how we deploy them," Payton said. "I think he has played well. It's a good problem to have. Defensively, we did a lot of things well in that (Giants) game."
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