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John DeShazier: Quick takes on Coach Sean Payton's Monday press conference

Cornerback P.J. Williams on his way to New Orleans

A look inside the Week 2 battle between the Saints and Giants.

Quick takes from New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton'steleconference Monday:

  1. News surrounding cornerback P.J. Williams, who left Sunday's game with a concussion in the first quarter, is good. "He'll be coming back (to New Orleans) this afternoon and all the news is positive, which is real encouraging," Payton said. "It was the significance of the hit. I watched it in slow motion a couple of times, and it's really the right knee of the tight end – as he's running and as P.J. is beginning to tackle, hits the side of his helmet and causes the concussion."
  1. Though rookie kicker Wil Lutzblamed himself for Sunday's blocked kick (low trajectory), Payton said it was more of a pressure issue. "It's B-gap pressure and we're not good (on that kick) at right guard, we're not good at right tackle, too much penetration on that play and (Giants tackle Johnathan Hankins) ends up leveraging the B-gap and an outside hand knocking the ball down," Payton said. "We've got to be better in our protection. (Lutz) is doing well. I think this: I think the protection needs to be better, and it's that simple. There's penetration and one of the D tackles is able to hit the B-gap, our right guard and right tackle aren't able to stop the penetration, and that's as simple as it gets."
  1. Rookie safety Vonn Bellplayed well in his first NFL start (a five defensive back package). "He had 46, 47 snaps. I thought he tackled well. I would say it was very good," Payton said.
  1. Integrating tight end Coby Fleenerinto the offense remains a work in progress. "He had a couple plays yesterday and then, there are some plays that we've got to correct and get cleaned up," Payton said. "Obviously, we're going to need him and need his touches. He catches the big spear route for a big gain, we're just over his hands (on a throw) with a red zone all-go. There's been moments and yet, it hasn't been as consistent as we'd like yet."
  1. The Saints, after an offseason of stressing a quick start, are off to an 0-2 start with the losses coming by a combined four points. "There's only one way to work yourself out of it, and it's coming back and having a better week of preparation," Payton said. "I was encouraged with a lot of things that I saw on tape and yet, discouraged in some areas. We've got to be brutally honest with ourselves, not only the players but the coaches as well. We've got to be better. It's not gloom and doom, but when you play in a game like that – one week it's a high-scoring game, the next week it's an entirely different game – that field position, the mistakes made on your side or on their side of the field, can be significant."
  1. The reason that linebacker Stephone Anthonybarely was on the field defensively simply was because of matchups. "Yesterday was really more about a nickel package," Payton said. "We played a three-safety look to (New York's offensive personnel), we played a true nickel look to it. With less base (defense), there were less opportunities for him to be in."
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