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John DeShazier: Quick takeaways from Drew Brees' Chargers week press conference

Sunday is a homecoming game for Brees

A few quick takes from Drew Brees'locker room interview with local media on Wednesday:

  1. You don't have to know much about Brees to have learned two things by now: First, he began his career in San Diego and, second, he never has played a game there as a visitor. The latter will change on Sunday, when the Saints play the Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. "I think it's the only stadium that we haven't been to since I've been here," said Brees, who joined the Saints as an unrestricted free agent in 2006. "I feel like every other team, every other division – whether it's NFC or AFC – we've been to. But not to San Diego." The Saints played the Chargers in 2008, but in London, and then played San Diego in New Orleans in '12. Brees said he has been waiting for the moment to go back to San Diego. "I'm trying to just visualize what it's going to be like walking into that stadium for the first time in a long time, and try to get those feelings and emotions out right now, so that once the game starts we're locked in and ready to go."
  1. At one time in San Diego, the quarterback room consisted of Brees, Doug Flutieand Philip Rivers. "It was kind of an interesting situation there in '04-'05," Brees said. "Because here's Philip, who they drafted as the fourth pick and you knew it was only a matter of time before they wanted him on the field. Doug Flutie was still there in his 37th year as a professional football player. And me, who was trying to establish myself as a guy for the future. All of us had qualities, and yet only one guy could be the guy. I appreciate that time that we all had together, because we had some good times. We had some really good times. And we all have a great friendship as a result of it."
  1. That said, the bottom line for the Saints is that nostalgia takes a backseat. They're 0-3. "We need a win," Brees said. "We need a win. Going into the bye week (after Sunday's game), we're banged up in some positions so it gives us a chance to get healthy after the bye. Just to be able to get some momentum, just to capitalize on what I feel like has been real good preparation and work for us. You just want to see the fruit of that. You want to see victories and success so you can continue to build confidence and momentum as the season progresses."
  1. The description of Brees, by former teammate Scott Fujita, was annoyingly optimistic. Maybe "relentlessly optimistic" would be more apropos. Either way, it's hard to keep a good Brees down. "I think we're an ascending team. We have gotten better in a lot of ways since we've gone along. We just need that first (win)."
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