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John DeShazier: New Orleans Saints Mailbag

Senior writer for tackles your questions

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It's baseball season, but Mailbag is always in the batter's box, swinging away. Maybe we'll connect this week.

‏‏@burchett_tyler: Do you think the Saints are more likely to move up for a Myles Jack or DeForest Buckner, or trade back for more picks?

‏@tribex12x: Do you think the Saints will move up in this year's draft?

‏@14CWC14: Who is the best pick for the Saints in this year's draft? I would pick Jalen Ramsey from Florida State. Would need to trade up?

JD:Based on these three questions – and, let's face it, the questions that have been submitted every single mailbag – there's a fixation on whether the Saints will move up in the draft. So, once they move up and give up picks this year (they only have six) and next year, and have a three- or four-player draft, would that make sense for a team that's looking to assemble as much talent as possible? I get it: Trading up is sexy and newsworthy. It's also costly. Is Jack, a linebacker, or Buckner, a defensive end, or Ramsey, a defensive back, worth giving up picks this year and next to acquire? Maybe. But the Saints are trying to pick up as much young talent as possible, and feel they can find such at talent at No. 12, without having to give up picks. So while anything is possible – and I won't pretend I'm privy to the conversations between Coach Sean Payton and General Manager Mickey Loomis about moving up, down or sideways – it seems more constructive to worry about who the Saints might take at No. 12.

@Lockhart_Era: Are we going after Josh Norman?

JD:Well, if the reported numbers are true – the Saints have less than $4 million available under the salary cap, and Norman wants around $15 million or $16 million per year – then that would suggest it would be difficult. Sure, the Saints could make a bid, but it wouldn't be as lucrative as the offers that can be made by others.

‏@SaluteEUGENE: What are the top three positions the Saints are looking at in the draft?

JD:A pass rusher, a defensive tackle, an offensive guard. Maybe – maybe – a receiver slides into the third spot.

‏@WhoDatNationDFW: Knowing what we know so far about this offseason, how many wins do we get this year?

JD:The Saints were 7-9 last season, and lost four games by eight points or less. They want to close better, and the record will improve. But if you're looking for me to put an exact number on it, that ain't happening, bro. I learned a long time ago to stay away from that guessing game. Playing the games on paper leads to nothing except the player looking foolish later, lol.

@Renegade528: Are the Saints going to have to score 40 points to win games again next season? They didn't sign any good defensive players.

JD:No, they won't. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder: I'm guessing the team feels the defensive players it signed are good; otherwise, why sign them? We'll see what happens during the season.

‏@MacKane73: Anquan Boldin for a year, to help with the receivers?

JD:I'm not a big fan of 35-year-old receivers (36 in October). Plus, receivers seemed OK last year; Saints barely missed having two 1,000-yard receivers (and Brandin Cooks and Willie Snead both return), and feel they have a really good pass-catching tight end. An improved Brandon Coleman will help, probably more than the addition of Boldin.

‏@MadridistaChris: Any ideas on when the Saints single-game tickets are going on sale?

JD:Single-game tickets generally aren't available to the public through the team. But they're fairly accessible for those who know where to look; just check out the various websites that provide such services. Best (and maybe safest) bet is NFL Ticket Exchange.

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