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Joe Vitt Talks About Offensive Balance, Gives Game Injury Update

Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers Joe Vitt met with the media on Friday to give a final injury update before leaving for Denver and to discuss the offensive balance


New Orleans Saints Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers Joe Vitt
Post-Practice Media Availability
Friday, October 26, 2012

Opening Statement: "Daniel Graham will not play in the game. Joe Morgan, with his chest contusion, will not play in the game. Jimmy Graham  will be a game-time decision as will David Hawthorne. Darren Sproles will play."

Did Hawthorne practice today?


How about Jimmy Graham?

"Yes, he went a little bit longer today. Now we have to wait and see how we're doing after practice. Swelling and stuff like that. He will be evaluated by the trainers and doctors this afternoon."

Was he still limited today?


Is there a chance Michael Higgins could be activated?

"We're going to take Michael Higgins on the trip with us. We'll go through our actives and inactives tomorrow afternoon. He'll make the trip with us."

When you were watching the team from afar, were you surprised the running game just couldn't get going?

"No, not really. We fell behind in some games. Listen, we are going to work as hard as we can to have balance in our attack. Sometimes the score of the game, the way the game dictates it, you feel like you might be in a shootout, you are going to throw the ball and try to get some quick scores. Every game takes on a life of its own. We are going to work as hard as we can towards balance. We have good backs here, we understand that. We have run the effectively before. We have been against some fronts that, in the past, we have struggled against a little bit. We are going to work as hard as we can to try to balance out our attack and get the running game going."

Are you little nervous going back out there this Sunday?

"Listen, this is not like riding a bike. You learn how to ride a bike at two years old and you hop on at 80 years old and you can still do it. Like I said, Sunday night and Monday I met with a lot of players, a lot of departments, the trainers and the doctors. I am catching up to speed right now. I am not taking anything for granted."

Did Darren Sproles practice today?


The numbers by the run defense have not been that good but the unit has given up some big plays. Do you feel that the run defense has been hurt by that?

"I think this, we know as a defense where some of our breakdowns are coming (from). We've got to be a gap-solid team. We've got to take care of our job first and then go help your teammate out. The discipline of this defense has got to get better. Our players have worked extremely hard to get it better. It's been great intent. We've worked hard every day to get better this week. I think we will be better this weekend, I really do."

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