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Jimmy Graham to participate in row across Arctic Ocean

Former tight end will push his limits 


Adventure is nothing new for New Orleans Saints legend Jimmy Graham. Graham received his private pilot's license in 2011, later adding complex airplane, instrument airplane, tailwheel, multi-engine airplane, seaplane, commercial single engine, commercial multiengine, helicopter, instrument helicopter and commercial helicopter certifications. On Monday, Feb. 19, Graham announced that he will be participating in his biggest adventure yet: the Arctic Challenge.

Graham, who will serve on the mission as lead navigator, will be one of four rowers united by a passion for adventure. He will be joined by former Navy SEAL Andrew Tropp, who will serve as captain for the mission, former member of Team USA's rowing team and a New Orleans native Hannah Huppi, who will serve as project manager, and former rower for Team USA and Team Switzerland John Huppi, who will serve as equipment manager.

The Challenge has partnered with three charities that they will be supporting during the row: Covenant House, the Jimmy Graham Foundation, and Laureus Sport for Good USA.

Upon completion of the mission, the crew would hold a Guinness World record for the first mixed-gendered team to row the Arctic Ocean. They would also be the first American team to row across a polar ocean, and they will have a chance to hold the record for the fastest 4-person team to row across the Arctic Ocean if they complete it in less than 15 days, 5 hours, and 32 minutes - the current record that was set in 2023 by Ocean Revival.

The Arctic Challenge will begin in 2025. For more information and to learn more about the crew members and the mission, visit

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