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Jerry Jones: "I never saw this coming"

Dallas Cowboys Owner/President/General Manager Jerry Jones talks about the loss to the New Orleans Saints

Dallas Cowboys Owner/President/General Manager Jerry Jones' postgame quotes

"When you take a look at our defensive personnel, you can't forget about that we just got outscored tonight. Any game we play we've got to score some points and we just didn't do that tonight."

"I just didn't expect this. I never saw this coming. What I did think is that we could come in here and get some points on the board. I felt that certainly we are compromised relative to our defense where we are right now with our personnel – but that's not an excuse; because we still didn't play as well as they played. They just did a very good job of defensing us – keeping us off the field. They had the ball a lot obviously and really did a good job offensively. But I can't say enough about how well they played, and they played all together tonight and we really were the recipients of it."

"I know as the game went along we were having guys out there that weren't out there at the start of the game. I know we lost guys during the game – I don't know the status of their injuries. But right now they deserve anything you can say about a team thoroughly, physically beating your team. And the Saints did that to the Cowboys tonight. It's embarrassing to lose and it's embarrassing not be representative and not be competitive…all of those things. And the real issue now is what are going to do about it."


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