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Jenn Brown: "never count the New Orleans Saints out"

NFL Network’s Jenn Brown was a guest on Thursday’s Black and Blue Report

NFL Network's Jenn Brown was a guest on Thursday’s Black and Blue Report (interview begins at the 27:25 mark) Below are some highlights from her interview with Sean Kelley.

Do you think what they accomplished on the road last week and the motivation from the loss to Seattle back in the regular season is enough to knock out the number one seed in the NFC?

"I think that's what I'm hearing everyone talk about as what gives you guys…let's not kid ourselves, the Seahawks have done very well. The defense is top notch. Pete Carroll has built the most elite defense right now in the NFL. And really, their home record speaks for itself. But I think what people are pointing to when they talk about the Saints is exactly what you just said. Brees and the Saints overcame that criticism of not being able to get it done on the road last weekend and coming off of that is great. And the fact of what happened when they faced the back in week 13. It's always great to get a second shot at a team.

"I never count, never count the Saints out. Your offense led by Drew Brees is phenomenal. Sean Payton is one of my favorite coaches in the NFL so I would say that it's going to be a good game and I hope you guys can pull it out. I really do."


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