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Jenkins Says Tempo is Picking Up at Practice

Safety reviews the Texans game and talks about his role as a defensive leader.


New Orleans Saints S Malcolm Jenkins
Post-Practice Media Availability Transcript
Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What has practice been like here?

"The tempo's been faster. There have been more collisions. We're trying to get back to the basics."

What went wrong on Saturday?

"Of course there were mistakes, but those can happen in preseason. The tackling was bad. The demeanor in which we played wasn't up to our standards. We want to get back to the style of defense that we play, hitting, playing fast, offensively scoring points and running the ball. At practice we've picked up the tempo and there's a sense of urgency."

Do you feel comfortable at this stage of your career of stressing these things as a veteran leader?

"It's great. Nobody wants to do up-downs, no matter how many years you have in the league. It's definitely a good motivator. It's just to instill the fact we have to get turnover, correct some things that happened on defense. That's the standard we hold ourselves to."

What's it going to take the Saints to win another Super Bowl?

"It's going to take us winning the turnover battle. Defensively we definitely have to give Drew (Brees) more opportunities to score more points. If we can run the ball on offense and our special teams plays together all year, I think we definitely have the tools to make a run at the playoffs. If we stay healthy, then we have a chance at it."

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