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Jairus Byrd visits Harahan Elementary for Rotolo's Literacy Program

Jairus Byrd spoke to more than 300 students on Wednesday

Students at Harahan Elementary school received a surprise visit from New Orleans Saints safety Jairus Byrd on Wednesday.

Byrd teamed up with Rotolo's Pizzeria for the visit to stress the importance of reading and education through their Literacy Program.

"As you get older you're going to need to know how to read to do the simple things, like driving," Byrd told the students. "Take reading seriously because it will get you far in life."

The students participated in a question and answer session with Byrd and asked him a wide range of questions from what it feels like to be a Saint to his favorite color. The students then had the chance to answer questions about the visit and receive an autographed t-shirt from Byrd.

The fifth graders received an extra surprise when they learned that they would receive a pizza party courtesy of Rotolo's.

Jairus Byrd speaks with students at Harahan Elementary on Wednesday, April 16, 2014. Photos by Alex Restrepo (New Orleans Saints photos)

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