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Jaguars Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Mike Mularkey, QB Blaine Gabbert, RB Rashad Jennings, WR Kevin Elliott and DE Andre Branch met with the media following Friday's game against the Saints.

Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Mike Mularkey
What are your thoughts on the game?
"Obviously (a) fantastic win for the team, I'm very proud of them. Once again, (you) just have to fight to the last play. We talked about that at the last game. Having a no flinch mentality is important as well as not letting things get us down. The message was (to) just play your best and do it physically for the entire game and you'll like the outcome. And we liked the outcome. They did that. (I) was very proud of them, very proud of the young guys. A lot of positives that came from it and we'll have some things to work off, but, (I'm) still very proud of him."

It's preseason but it has to be good to see the team respond to pressure?
"Yes, there's a lot of pressure. This is a good football team and this is a tough place to play even in the preseason, especially with the circumstances that have been around this team for the whole year. I didn't see an intimidation. They were locked and they were focused. And once again, I love the physical effort of the team. It goes a long way and I think it gives our team a chance weekly. The last two weeks I think we've held our end on the physical end of it."

What are your thoughts on Blaine Gabbert?
"I thought that he had a good start. Really putting the ball where our guys could catch it and make plays afterwards. (He showed) very good command of the huddle. I just think he did a lot of good things. I would like to see more out of him though. He scrambled for some yards, but, really, this is only step 2, only Game 2. We're trying just each week to get better at each position, including him."

Do you have any thoughts on the replacement referees?
"I have no doubt that they are doing the best that they can do. There's a lot of pressure on them too. Just like some of the rookie players, this is their second chance to show themselves and they're learning each week. I don't have a problem with people that do their best."

What do you think of that call at the end?
"There were others that didn't get called. It all balances out in the end. There are a few plays that might not have gone our way but it all balanced out."

Would you go for that fourth and one in a regular season game?

Wouldn't that be a little bold?
"Just aggressive. Any time a play doesn't work I'm disappointed but I feel totally responsible. I had a big part in that not working but I was trying to make a difference on the scoreboard and put more points on a good defense. We have to convert. It wasn't a yard, it was a foot."

Jacksonville Jaguars Player Quotes
QB Blaine Gabbert
"I thought we did a great job moving the ball in the first half and scored in the red zone. We were playing against their first team defense so it says a lot for us to take the lead early in the game."

"This game was good for us. It shows that, as a team, we hung in there even when they came back. It was great to see us take the lead at the end and win the game."

RB Rashad Jennings
"All we can do is get progressively better in these games; that's what the preseason is for. We did a good job executing tonight. You have to give a lot of credit to our offensive line. They opened up the holes for us and we did the rest. We are getting better each and every week, and that's what we are going to continue to do."

WR Kevin Elliott
"When it was my time to go in, I definitely put the maximum effort into it. You only get so many chances to prove yourself out there and you have to take advantage of your chances. I was really happy when the coach called my number."

"By my own standards, I feel I still have a long way to go. I still feel like I could be cut (from the team) at any moment, so it's a real grind out there for all of us. I like the chance I have to keep proving myself so I can make this team."

DE Andre Branch
"I feel like I played well as I had a lot of time out there on the field tonight. Drew Brees is a great quarterback and it was our goal as a defense to put pressure on him and take him out of his rhythm. I thought we did a good job doing that early in the game."

"He (Brees) is definitely one of the top quarterbacks in the entire league, so it helps for us to get tested like that early in the season. It will only help us as we get closer to the regular season. I feel we are all getting better as we play more games, and that's a credit to our coaching staff. The only thing I can do is play hard and try and get better with each game."

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