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Houston Texans players talk about win over Saints

Transcript of interviews with Texans players

Houston Texans QB BRIAN HOYER

"I think we wanted to come out and start the game fast. Coach O'Brien is always telling us to start fast, whether it's a game or practice, and he's always putting us in situations to get us prepared to start fast and put together and drive and go down then field. And then that creates us getting into a goal line situation and then learning how to punch it in and score. And that's what we did on the first drive today."

"Our entire receiving corps has really done a great job this entire pre-season. They work really hard and study hard, they run great routes and they understand what's going on out there. And then it's great to see our main three guys taking the time to show the other receivers we have how to do it – that means we have a lot to look forward to as a group."

"It's good to come out and start the game and move the ball like we did. That means what we are doing is moving this team in the right direction. And (Coach O'Brien) just told us to take a day off and come back to work Tuesday and take advantage of these next couple of days and get prepared for the season opener against Kansas City."


"I don't think I had to shake off anything. We were backed up (at the 2-yard line in the third quarter) and I was trying to get us some space and better field position. I felt real good out there and I finally had a chance to play a little bit and get into a good rhythm. It was great to go out there and execute the game plan, and to throw and catch with my guys."

"It felt real good to go out there and get into a rhythm with all of those guys (receivers) and move the ball. We had one long drive that I think went 17 plays, and that was great to see."

"That one long drive was great to start off the third quarter. It was great to establish a long and sustained drive with a lot of successful plays. We got into a great rhythm and it felt good to communicate well and execute the plays called."

Running back ALFRED BLUE

"All I've tried to do in training camp and into the preseason is stay positive, learn the plays and make the team. All I can do is continue to learn my craft and make a contribution."

On his touchdown run in first quarter:

"It felt good, man. The first few games this preseason we tried seven times I think to cross the goal line on a run, so this time it was the mindset for all of us that we would not be denied. And when we had the chance today we got it done and I crossed the goal line and scored."

"It was great to return here and play in front of family and friends. There were a lot of LSU fans and fans of the Saints out there – I heard a lot of fans yelling during the game and that's always great to have people cheering your name because I played at LSU."


 "I think Brian (Hoyer) is really starting to understand the offense. He knows he can trust me on my routes, and if he throws it up there he knows I'll have a chance to catch it. As for Ryan (Mallett), you saw how much of a competitor he is out there. I mean in the third quarter he came back out there and corrected his mistakes. That didn't surprise me at all."

Running back CHARLES JAMES

On 73-yard TD run called back by penalty:

"It was the best thing that's ever happened in my life. I don't care it got called back. All of my teammates ran out onto the field and they were out there supporting me. All I wanted to do is run into that end zone. The offense line did a great job blocking for me, but unfortunately it was called back."

"I'm just a guy trying to make this team. And anything I can do to help this team win, I'll do it. That's just me; I'm just an energy type guy and I love playing anywhere they put me and helping my teammates win."


On breaking up potential touchdown on first possession:

"They (Saints) were in a goal line formation and I read the play and got a hand in and broke up the play. It helped out our team to win the game because instead of six points it was only a field goal."

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