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Highlights from Loomis' Interview with Sirius Radio

Saints General Manager discusses how his staff is dealing with the offseason


Saints Executive Vice President/General Manager Mickey Loomis joined Bob Papa and Peter King on Sirius NFL Radio's "Opening Drive" show Tuesday Morning.  Below are some highlights from the interview:
On how the Saints staff is dealing with this "unusual" offseason:
"We are just waiting. I don't have a lot of control over the circumstances we are in so we try to make the best of what we have. We are doing a lot of projects and research, things we have put off over the years. We looked at some ideas that we thought were good ideas in the past but we didn't have time to do. We are probably overanalyzing the things that we do but we have time to do that. We are just patiently waiting. We are going to be ready for free agency, when and if that occurs. We are going to be ready for getting our players back and getting prepared for this upcoming season."
On if he has thought of all the scenarios that could play out in this offseason:
"We have talked about that but at the same time when you do these 'what if' scenarios sometimes you feel like you are just spinning your wheels by going through every single thing. We have talked a little about the timing and the schedules we might have but I wouldn't say we are overdoing that."
On what he expects from the NFL owners meetings that he is at in Indianapolis:
"I don't have any expectations. I am just here to listen and get up to date. Hopefully there is some good news."
The show discussed potential candidates for next year's Pro Football Hall of Fame class and Papa and King asked Loomis about former Seahawks DT Cortez Kennedy, who Loomis worked with during his time in Seattle and remains a close friend:
"I think he has a couple things working against him and you know I am passionate about Cortez and his opportunity to get into the Hall of Fame. I do think he has been overlooked. He has a couple of things working against him and the first thing is that his teams weren't that successful in terms of wins and losses. Now, they did have a very good defense. In his first three years (1991-93) they moved from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defense solely because of his presence. They were a top-10 defense in each of those first three years so he impacted the team greatly.

"Again, he wasn't on a successful team in terms of wins or losses but another thing is he played in the Northwest on the West Coast and I think some of these players on the West Coast, particularly in Seattle and in these smaller markets, they get overlooked. They are not in the media spotlight. He also played a position at defensive tackle that is not a glamour position. There are a lot of things about that position that don't show up in statistics."

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