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New York Giants vs. New Orleans Saints ● Monday, November 28, 2011


"Our players were very serious about their preparation. We did a good job these last couple of days of continuing to study. Obviously, we had a tough time stopping them. I am responsible for two of those scores (by the Saints). The rookie fumbled, giving the ball up. And going for it on fourth down because we basically had to. I knew they (the Saints) would try to score. They did.

(on the Saints) "They're good. They're talented. They do a good job of moving the ball around. The quarterback does a good job of getting the ball out of his hands. We gave up far too many points, obviously.

(on turnovers) "We had two turnovers. We took seven points down from us and gave them seven points with the turnover. I tried to challenge on a whim that he was down before the ball came out. They ruled that they saw the ball moving. We got a little production out of the run. We got a lot of production out of the pass.

(on Saints offense) "We weren't able to cover them. They put themselves in position with simple little throws. They beat us in the flat a couple of times. And (they beat us) down the sideline. They have good personnel and they distribute it."

(on the effort of the team) "They tried. They tried. We didn't get to the passer (Drew Brees). When we don't get to the passer, we have trouble. That is, quite frankly, what I indicated to you in the Rams game. We knocked the quarterback down 15 times in that game. Pretty much you have to do that (to win)."



(on first INT) "The defender just made a good play. We had the right play called down the seam and I threw it up there and the defender made a great play on the ball."

"This game I felt we got off good. We were driving and moving the ball good but then they made a good play in the end zone on the turnover. But overall we moved the ball well. We are getting the ball into scoring position but we are just making mistakes. We are having a drop, a missed throw – just different things that are costing us points. We know when you have an opportunity to score points on a team like the Saints you've got to do it; you can't go backwards.

"We know their offense is high powered.  And we knew coming in we were going to have to score and not turned the ball over and play good offensively and have some long drives. We did that to an extent and we moved the ball and we got some first downs. But we just couldn't finish and that hurt us in the end.

"We can't get down and we can't get frustrated. We have to figure out how to bounce back. We know we've lost three straight games and we know we have a short week and a big game coming up. These last five games for us are big and will determine our season. We just need to figure out how to play better football than what we are doing right now."


"There's not much we can do about the final outcome now. We came down here to win a game and we didn't. All we can do is prepare for another great opponent next week."


"This loss is real tough, but we have to understand there's a lot of football to be played. We still have a great chance to get ourselves in position for the playoffs.  We can't get too down on ourselves because we have another tough opponent to play next week."


"It's tough because we know in the back of everyone's head they are going to say what's wrong with the Giants after three straight losses. But for us, we look forward to the next game because we feel like it's the playoffs right now.  We aren't going to sit here and feel sorry for ourselves. We are going to go out there and fight. "

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