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Fullback Alex Armah expects to bring versatility to the position for New Orleans Saints

"I noticed that the Saints use a fullback in their offense"

Alex Armah said he knew a good thing when he saw it.

Since Armah was drafted by Carolina in the sixth round in 2017, twice a year he has played against the New Orleans Saints. All four years, he has seen New Orleans win the NFC South Division and has seen how the Saints have utilized the fullbacks along the way.

So the unrestricted free agent saw that what he wanted in a franchise was presented by the division rival, with whom he signed a one-year contract.

"Pretty much the culture," Armah said Friday. "Seeing this team twice a year, you really establish who they are as a team and program and how they run their system. And I feel like the culture here speaks for itself, and the tradition and all the support from the fans."

Armah totaled 35 rushing yards and three touchdowns on 21 carries with the Panthers, and added 29 yards on eight catches. He also had five special team tackles.

"I feel like I bring versatility at the fullback position," he said. "I noticed that the Saints use a fullback in their offense, and special teams as well. I feel like I can contribute in a major way on special teams and my versatility at fullback can help."

Under Coach Sean Payton, New Orleans always has had a fullback on the roster, and not only to block.

"I like how the fullback position here is used in a major way as far as short yardage, a lot of lead blocking and just the versatility," Armah said. "Special teams has always been top-ranked along with the offense, and I feel like I have a real shot and the opportunity to help the team."

Check out photos of the New Orleans Saints new roster addition, fullback Alex Armah, throughout his NFL career.

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