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Five Things We Learned from C.J. Spiller's Conference Call

C.J. Spiller spoke with local media members on a conference call Friday afternoon

New Saints running back C.J. Spiller spoke with local media members on a conference call Friday afternoon. Below are some highlights from the call:

1. The Saints is the only team Spiller spoke with during his free agency process: Spiller said his agent told him there was a lot of interest for his services in free agency, but that the New Orleans Saints was the only team that he personally spoke with.

2. Spiller has been training with Saints safety Jairus Byrd in California: Spiller said he has been training with his former Buffalo Bills teammate and current Saints safety Jairius Byrd in California for a week. Byrd and Spiller spent three years together in Buffalo. "He's pretty much like family to me," Spiller said.

3. Spiller is happy to play with Mark Ingram: Spiller said he spoke with Mark Ingram today and that he was happy that Ingram signed a new deal with the Saints. They worked with some of the same coaches in college (Spiller at Clemson and Ingram at Alabama).

Spiller also added when discussing splitting carries: "You have to put your ego aside because at the end of the day there's only one thing that matters and that's getting to the playoffs and trying and win a Super Bowl."

4. Spiller is open to any role the coaches want him in: When asked if he sees himself in a similar role that the Saints had for Darren Sproles and Reggie Bush, Spiller said he's looking forward to whatever role they use him in: "Anything that I can do to try and help the offense be successful and help the team be successful that is what you have to do."

5. What is Spiller going to do with his winter jacket?:
With New Orleans not known for the winter storms that Buffalo is accustomed to, Spiller joked about what he will do with his winter coats: "I'll probably give it to one of the other running backs or give it to Goodwill."

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